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Facebook Addict


“Hi, my name is Hope and I am a Facebook addict”.  WOW!  That was hard to say, and even harder to admit.  I was sitting in my office this morning reading a blog by Vanessa Coppes that talked about productivity when it hit me.  One of the things on her list was “blocking out distractions”.  What distracts you?  For me, it is Facebook (maybe on occasion Pinterest)!  I never log out so when not on my computer, my phone is blowing up with “notifications”.  UGH!

Facebook is a great tool for direct selling.  It is an online portal that lets us build relationships with people which as a result can mean more business.  I feel like it is a double edge sword with a love/hate relationship.  How much is too much posting?  When I am trying to use Facebook for business (within the policies and procedures of Thirty One), what should I not post?  Ask my hubby and he would say post NOTHING!

Jennifer Fong blogged about this exact same thing…. so let’s see how many of these I (and you) do that we shouldn’t.  Ready?

  1. Status updates like “join my team” and “buy my stuff” updates may sound desperate instead of showing that you really want to build relationships with potential new customers and recruits.  Thankfully, Thirty One has a policy against this.
  2. Events that aren’t really events.   Okay, I don’t get this one!  My invites to events are specifically for the people that I want to invite.  Okay, there is the occasional Facebook event where I invite EVERYONE.
  3. Cat Fights. If someone bashes your company publicly online, get over it.  Maybe I am living in a pink bubble but I don’t see much of this on a company basis or on a personal basis.
  4. Bad Photos.  Thankfully, they don’t mean  bad as in not a very good photographer or I would be in trouble.  Don’t post any pictures that anyone could remotely take offense even if you think it’s funny. Remember, everything you post reflects on you, your business and your company.
  5. Your Logo As Your Profile Picture.  People do business with people.   Make sure your picture is front and center, so people can look you in the eye and feel a connection to you.  Even thought I don’t like most pictures of me, I am doing this.
  6. Strong Political or Religious Opinions.  This seems like a no brainer to me.  I’m not saying you can’t have them, just be mindful of what you share so as not to create any of those cat fights.
  7. Too Much Information. Okay, you know what I am talking about here… you see them all of the time.  The posts from friends who give you every detail of their life.  The posts you read and wonder “why would you put that out there for the world to see”.  I may be at fault for this on occasion but I am trying to spare those on my personal/business Facebook page the gory details.  That is best done in a phone call or text message among friends.

So what is on YOUR list of Facebook no-no’s if you are using it for business?  What would you add? Would love to read your thoughts in the comments below!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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