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Turn a NO to a YES


Happy Monday Morning!  Yes, it is Monday and I am ready to conquer the week, what about you???  It is a busy day filled with lots of errands, lunch with hubby and then some Thirty One office time.  I am so excited because hubby and I have set up a time schedule for me to work in the office.  I know you are probably wondering, I thought she had office hours?  I do, on paper which in theory works BUT I didn’t have a buy-in from hubby.  So now, since both of us are getting organized on a calendar, we have actually blocked time where I will work in my office on MONEY MAKING things – not busy work.  With that being said,  I am on a mission to turn a NO into a YES wherever I can.

As always, an article comes across my computer that points me in the right direction.  Today it is from DSWA..

For many of us, the word “no” is thought of as a dirty word in direct sales.  It is the word that sometimes sets us in a downward spiral that invites Negative Nellie and Doubtful Debbie into the office for a meeting.

First, let’s start by changing your thinking about the word no.  It doesn’t mean “no” FOREVER, just for the moment.  As JulieAnn Jones always says, she never stopped asking until a person said “do not call me again”!  It may take longer for some than others BUT in the end, it is worth the wait.  Have you ever heard of the “100 NO challenge“.  Why not look for the no’s instead of expecting a yes and being disappointed?  Then when you get a YES, you are so excited that you are ready to keep moving forward. See how we are changing the picture you have of the word “no” from a negative to a positive?

Did you know that customers will say “no” about five times before they say “yes”?   People buy and do things on emotions instead of making rational decisions.  Here are the reasons that people say NO:

  1. Wrong Time.  We know what that is like, right?  Not a pay week, busy with family obligations, stressed out from work and the list goes one.  Stay patient, contacting people at a later date may get a completely different result.
  2. Wrong Information.  Were you listening to the person you were talking to or were you planning the next thing that you were going to say?  As a result, you missed what they were saying and missed the opportunity to share the perfect solution to their situation.  Maybe you “threw up” too much information and as a result lost them?  Just because you shared the wrong information this time doesn’t mean you can’t try again.  Next time LISTEN closely to the cues that they are giving you.
  3. Wrong situation or circumstance.  This is the toughest one to understand but if the customer is willing to let you reach out to them again, they there is a possible “yes” in yours and their future.

So, how do you go from a NO to a YES….

  • Be curious while being persistent.  Show sincere interest in your potential customers, hostesses and recruits.  People like when others are interested in them.
  • Talk to the potential customer/ hostess/ recruit like a friend which will alleviate the tension that usually happens in a sales environment.
  • Transition the conversation… keep it moving from the one request that they are not interested in to a completely different topic.  This way you are not hounding them and they may be  more willing to talk again.  Who knows that may be the time that they say “yes”.
  • The BEST way to go from a NO to a YES – build a friendly rapport with a customer.  LISTEN, ask questions about THEM and be ready to follow-up with information that will help them (and as a result, help you).

Who is ready to hit the 100 NO Challenge?  Kick you Monday off in high gear with me….

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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