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Do YOUR Customers Take YOUR Business Seriously


The end of my first week of “official” office hours and I am on a roll.  I have been making calls to land 100 no’s.  I figure somewhere along there, I will get a yes or two.  The calls wouldn’t be necessary if  I hadn’t been Vacation Veronica this summer.  When you work your business like a hobby, the results are a calendar that is less than filled.  I allowed my customers and hostesses to influence the way I did parties this summer.  Oh sure, I met my personal volume goals (and my team met theirs) but I did not have the parties (or events) that helped propel me into the Fall.  September is shaky with 4 events and definitely not where I wanted to be kicking off the Fall.  October is shaping up with 4 events already on the books plus an awesome conference where I will get to share Thirty One with 75 other women many of whom have not seen Thirty One.  My goal is at least 4 more events.  I have many that are interested in October and November but getting them to lock in dates has been less than successful.

I have moved from Vacation Veronica to Business Betty but the question is….have my customers and hostesses?  I have been blessed that my Thirty One income doesn’t make or break our budget.  Of course, this doesn’t mean that I don’t still need or want the income to take care of those things that are not in the everyday budget.  I am in business to earn an income to enhance the life of my family, so how do I get my customers and hostesses to take me seriously.

The first step is to NOT (I started to say NEVER but I learned long ago to never say never) slip out of the business mode.  Taking the summer off may be great for teachers but it doesn’t not work well for those in direct sales.  In working my business like a business, I also need to remember to share my passion for the product and the company.  Getting wrapped up in the numbers can definitely have a negative impact on you.

Here are my top 3 ways to help your customers and your hostesses take your business seriously.

1. Highlight your show days in your planner and stick to them.  I have to admit, I used to highlight every day that I was willing to do a party.  I highlighted every night that hubby was working and that I didn’t have booked already.  This left too many options PLUS it looked like I wasn’t that busy.  Now I narrow down the options and get better results.  People like to see a full calendar, even if they can’t get the date that they want.

2. Fill your show calendar quickly.  A full calendar is a visual indication that we take our business seriously.  It instills confidence and looks professional.  I love the visual: green dots on the the dates that are available, then when the date is booked it gets a BIG pink X through it.  Potential hostesses love to see the pink Xs even it is a date that they wanted.  I now block out with pink Xs other dates that are not available due to personal reasons (medical appointments, family events, etc).

3. Dress professionally for your shows.  Okay, so this will vary for each person.  Having been a Social Worker for many years in a disadvantaged area, professional for me was a nice pair of jeans and a shirt.  So, now for my shows, I usually wear a nice pair of jeans (or black khakis) with a Thirty One t-shirt.  My guests still take me seriously and for the potential recruit , they don’t have to feel like they need to buy a whole new wardrobe.

4. Set an expectation right up front about cancellations.  Saying it is difficult for me so instead, I include a cancellation note in the hostess packet.  Then when I am reviewing the hostess packet with the hostess, I point it out.  I have to be honest, cancellations have not been a big issue for me with the exception of the summer months.  That I think requires a whole different plan.

So, how is your Fall shaping up?  What is your BEST tip for success in having YOUR customers and hostesses take your business seriously?  Share with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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