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Mindset Change


Do you know what today is????  Yes, it is Wednesday but I LOVE this camel.  Every time I see a camel, I think of the commercial.  Not only is it mid-week, it is also mid-month!  Where is September going?  The weather is a little cooler – NOT happy about that since I am total warm weather kind of gal.

As I entered into September, I was plagued with an empty calendar due to Vacation Veronica mode.  I am happy to say, that mid-way through the month and that is all changed.  What looked like a dismal month for numbers has suddenly (with a little work) become an okay month.  Okay is not where I would like it to be but given the fact that I didn’t do much during the summer, I will take it.  What turned it around?

Back to basics… I know you are probably tired of hearing it but it is so true.  I was a Doubtful Debbie for a long time, writing off a month when I didn’t have much on the calendar.  Focusing on the next month before the current month was already underway.  Never really taking some of the suggestions to heart OR doing any of them.  Never really trying.  This month was different.  Set hours to do “money-producing” work in my office.  Yes, that means picking up the phone and making calls.  Following up with people who said they might be interested in a party.  Sharing my business with EVERYONE! Well, almost.

I did have a realization the other day when I ran into an ex- co-worker from WAWA.  She asked me if I was working.  I said yes and proceeded to tell her about my new part-time job!  OPPORTUNITY  MISSED!!!!  I called my hubby to tell him I was on my way home and had an AHA moment.  I causally mentioned Thirty One, I mean I was wearing my Thirty One sweatshirt so did I really have to say it?  DUH???  Somewhere along the road, I swerved back into the “corporate” mindset of having a        J-O-B! YIKES!  What happened?

When I started with Thirty One, I told everyone about my NEW business.  Then the mindset changed and I didn’t even realize it.  The passion is still there BUT I began thinking “people know what I do”  so I don’t need to say anything.  WRONG!!!!!  When that kind of thinking took over, I began sharing about my “job” as if that was more important than my business.  WOW!  Talk about an AHA moment.  Now, I am going to PRACTICE talking about my business when people ask me what I am doing.  I say practice because it is a habit that I got out of and need to desperately get back into.  Yes, I swerved off the original topic but I thought this may help YOU too.

Thirty One pays the bills (or a lot of them) AND I want it to be the ONLY one that pays the bills.  It affords me the opportunity to spend time with my family and make my own schedule. It is my business!  My part-time gig is just that part-time – nothing permanent, just something to help pay off the debt.  Or, do I hold onto it out of FEAR?  That is a scary question.  Do I not have enough faith in the fact that I (with God’s help) can make my business a success?  Did the mindset change when I lost some of my faith and I didn’t even realize it?  WOW!  No, I am not going to try and answer these in this blog…

I just wanted to share my thoughts with you… maybe you are having an off month, maybe you are desperately seeking to have your own business but hold onto a JOB out of fear, maybe you need to change your mindset?  Whatever the struggle, there is still time this month to KICK out of the old mindset and bring in the NEW.  Almost sounds like a New Year’s Eve blog, huh?

What do YOU need to do different in your business?  Share it with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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