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Why Aren’t You Blogging

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Today I am celebrating a half anniversary (well, almost).  It has been almost 18 months since I started blogging.  For some, they may say it is too long.  For others, they actually look forward to my daily posts.  Then there are others who want to blog and find a million excuses not to do it.

I was talking (ok, messaging) a very talented artisan the other day who creates these adorable little “minions”.  She is struggling to market her business on a shoestring.  She is a hit at craft shows – the smaller ones don’t give her enough foot traffic and the larger ones are too expensive.  One of the things I suggested was blogging.  Her response “I have one but I ran out of things to say”.  I suggested that each minion has a story, why not tell it.  “I thought it wouldn’t be business like”.  REALLY!  That got the wheels turning….I know a scary proposition right?

I LOVE blogging even if I am not sure if anyone is reading them.  It clears my head of all of the “stuff” that I want to share with other women PLUS I hope that I am able to encourage others through my trials and tribulations.  So why don’t you blog?  Here are some top reasons listed in a recent blog (of, course with my commentary on them):

1) I don’t have time.  Really???  Even once a week, you can find time to write a blog.  It doesn’t have to be hours, I mean this isn’t a term paper.  It is a SHORT piece (about 400 – 600 words).

2) I don’t know how to write one.  Don’t make this BIGGER than it is.  Do a search on a particular subject and you will find a blog.  Did you ever write papers in school?  I know for some that is a long time ago and I said no term papers, right?  It is easy to start and keep up.  Schedule a time (30 minutes) to do it!  You read blogs right?  Some are good, some not so good.  How will you ever learn if you don’t start…

3) I don’t see the business value of blogging.  Okay, I totally get this one because this was me (pre- Vanessa Coppes and ETTM).  Do you believe you can increase revenue by building relationships, earning trust, establishing expertise and credibility, and maintaining top-of-mind awareness, you should be able to see the business value of blogging.  I am amazed daily at the followers that I am gaining who now know my tag line “Helping Others Pursue Excellence” AND my Thirty One story.

4) Blogging is too expensive.  Start with a FREE one – not all the bells and whistles but it works. I use WordPress and find it is easy.  Blogging, like any form of marketing, is an investment, not an expense.  Each blog post lives forever on the internet, where it can be found on search engines and produce business leads for years.

5) I don’t know what to write about.  Okay, so how about this….  Every question asked by a customer or prospect can be converted into a blog post, a part of a blog post, or a series of blog posts, depending on the complexity of the question.  Every customer testimonial could provide the foundation for a blog post.  Are you getting the message??

Every business and organization should have a blog. Period.  You don’t have to update it every day. You don’t even have to update it every week.  But you definitely need one.  

Think about this: Do you really want Google to start ignoring your website? Do you really want your customers relying on your competition as their primary resource for helpful information? Are you prepared to lose sales to your competition as a result?

So, who is ready to start blogging?  I challenge you to write a blog and POST your link here.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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