Hope Wissel

Together We Achieve More

ETTM conference 2014

I am so excited… today is the FIRST day of ETTM (Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms) “Power of Connections” Conference.  If you are not attending this AMAZING two day event, don’t worry because I will share with you the lessons learned from some of the AWESOME speakers.

I know that you are probably tired of hearing about ETTM and how AWESOME I think it is, right?  I am sure there are a lot of good networking groups out there.  Places where women come together to share their strengths, hopes and experiences with other women in business.  I have to admit, I am partial because besides my Thirty One sisters, this is the first group that I have been a part of that is truly into helping ME grow my business.  Networking in general helps you to expand your circle and opens new doors for business opportunities.

For those of you that see the bigger picture – outside of sales, parties and recruits – you totally get what networking is about and how it can impact your business.  I have gotten some business but I have learned so much more.  I learned about branding myself and my business. I learned about blogging.  Just think, if it hadn’t been for a challenge in March of 2013, I would not be writing this blog.  I have had the opportunity to share Thirty One with Oprah.  I have connected with inspirational speakers from all of the country who  now follow my blog and know where to come for their Thirty One products.  They refer customers and events which helps me to expand my business.

ETTM is not a “yes” group.  They will give you constructive criticism and help you to focus on your goals.  I used to dread the “Think Tank” portion of our meetings.  The chance to introduce ourselves and our business as well as talk about any struggles while the group gives their input.  Then we set 30 day goals which we are accountable for at the next meeting.  This is where I fine tuned my introduction to:

” Hi, my name is Hope Wissel.  I am a blogger and an entrepreneur.  I CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE- REWARD women with a Girl’s Night Out while shopping for fun, affordable and fashionable purses, totes and accessories.  My goal is to Help Others Purse Excellence in their personal and professional life.”

For those that are new to our ETTM family, there are always lots of great questions.  I talk about my blog because that is a vehicle that I use to talk about my Thirty One business.  If they want to know more about the business, I share about my Thirty One journey.  This 30-second introduction has helped me when I meet I meet new people and they ask what I do.  It is so much more than “just a purse”.

So, I am off to experience the “power of connections” where “together we achieve more”.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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