Hope Wissel

The Canvas Crew Carry All

MY canvas carry all

Happy Saturday!  I am headed back to ETTM‘s 360 Power of Connection conference.  Yesterday was full of so much information and connecting that I can’t wait to get started today.

I wanted to share with you another AWESOME Thirty One product – the Canvas Crew Carry All.  In August of this year, Thirty One offered yet another incentive.  If we, as members of Leadership made our personal and team volumes, they will send us one of these for FREE with our name and title on it.  I mean who doesn’t want custom made bag, right?  If you are wondering, yes we did it!  Despite the slow pace of August, we made it happen.  I thought the bag was going to be really big and I wasn’t going to want to use it.  Then there was that crazy thought “you can’t use white in winter”.  Okay, I can’t be the only one who has heard that and even lived by the un-written rule for most of my life, right?

This is one of Thirty One’s newest bags.  It is 17″H x 17″W x 4″D with an interior zipper pocket and one flat pocket.   Since the straps have large lobster claws on them, I have seen some even change the straps – connecting them to make a cross body.  Of course, this short person would look silly doing that but some can carry it off.  Rumor has it that it will be part of a new collection coming to Thirty One (maybe in the Spring or Summer).

I actually used it for a few weeks as a purse and I loved it.  Of course, I am tempted to carry everything in it but it is a nice alternative to my retro metro bag.  Big enough to use for a small run to the grocery store and yet not too big that you couldn’t use it as a tote/ purse to carry every day.

Off to spend the day with some AMAZING women… Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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