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Want Not Should


Happy Monday!  WOOHOO!  I know most people hate Mondays, right?  Back to work and counting the days till the next weekend, right?  So why do I like Mondays?  Today especially because it has been a crazy busy weekend filled with work and parties.  I have been partying Thirty One style for 3 nights in a row – I LOVE IT!  My calendar has been a little light lately so I was very excited about this weekend even though I knew that I would be exhausted by the time this morning hit.

So with so much happening this past weekend, what will be my motivation to keep going this week?  For many people, being on that “busy” high would be enough.  For me (and since hubby is off for two days), I just want to wind down and do nothing.  Instead of thinking of all of the things that I “should” do, I am going to shift my focus to the things that I WANT to do. This way I can shift my energy and hopefully see better results of my efforts…

Here is my list for the week, short but filled with lots of potential:

I want to book a fundraiser for November.

I want to book 2 parties for December.

I want to close out the month of October with $4000 in sales

I want to follow-up with all of my vendor event contacts from the last two weeks.

I want to block out quality time for hubby.

So, why did I change to the word WANT instead of SHOULD.  Using the word SHOULD puts your desire on hold permanently. The word should doesn’t motivate, it discourages on a subconscious level. Did you know that?

 Using the word WANT starts the journey for the how to achieve your desire. It motivates, inspires, and ignites your passion to take action for your desire.

If you live your life pleasing others (including family) you’ll create a lifestyle doing things you should do instead of doing things that you want to do. Be diligent! Watch your words! Practice saying I WANT (or some other word or phrase that inspires action) instead of saying I SHOULD.

I have tried this before but I usually fall back into the “I should” mode but with the help of my new counselor/life coach, this  new way of thinking WILL stick.  See how positive I am?

The truth is that a simple mindset change, will work like magic and it WILL change your life.  I know it sounds too basic but it is true… Try it for a week and see what happens.  Eliminate the word should from your vocabulary and see how freeing it is..

Let us know if this shift has any impact on your life. Remember that “if you keep doing the same thing, you will reap the same benefits”.  Just one small baby step may make all of the difference in the outcome of your week.

Nothing works for everyone, but if you want it to work for you it will.

Have  a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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