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Riviera Maya In September

WOW!  I can’t believe that it is November 1st…..It only seems like yesterday that I was enjoying the warmer weather of summer.  Yes, I am a warm weather kind of gal – toes in the sand, hot (not humid) and loving the long daylight hours.  As we turn the clocks back tonight – DON’T forget Spring AHEAD, Fall BACK – I dread the darkness of the morning hours and the colder days.

Alright, enough of the dark, bleak talk and on to more exciting things… TODAY marks the first day of the earning period for the Leadership Incentive Trip for Thirty One.

LIT 2015

In the past, this announcement has been a bit disappointing for me…Yes, I was a Director and eligible to win.  Yes, I hit (and exceeded) my personal sales. Yes, my team hit (and exceeded) the team requirements.  So why did I not have my toes in the sand?  The minimum requirement USED to be that you needed 5 people to join Thirty One in a specific period of time.  UGH!  For me that was a struggle, I usually made it to 2 but reaching that 5 seemed to NOT be in God’s plan for me.

excited child taco

Fast forward to this year’s announcement and I am giddy with excitement.  Thirty One has heard us and would like to see MORE people earn this AMAZING trip to the Hard Rock Cafe in the Riviera Maya…. so, they have implemented a point system.  Yes, there is still the minimum in personal sales.  Yes, there is still the minimum for team sales.  Yes, there is still a minimum for recruiting BUT it is a minimum of 2.  Can you believe it?  Then there are additional ways to earn points so that you can win either a trip for 1, a trip for 2 or an ultra trip for 2.

So, from November 1 – April 30, 2015, I along with some of my team will be working to earn this FREE, all expenses paid trip.  I am so looking forward to having my toes in the sand in September, 2015.  I am looking forward to being in the pink bubble with my Thirty One sisters.

I know why blog about it, right?  First, I am putting it out there for the universe that this is MY trip.  This is the one that I will be on…and praying that as I work towards it God will bless it as part of his plan for me.  Second, Thirty One has changed my life in so many ways, and I want to share that gift with as many people as possible.

When I joined, I wanted discounts and hoped that I would make a little bit extra money.  I had no confidence in myself, self-esteem was at a low and I swore that I would NEVER do home parties.  Here I am, just short a few months short of 4 years, and it has become my full-time income.  My confidence is growing, my self-esteem has improved AND I am enjoying LOTS of FREE products.  Now, I know that “selling” is not for everyone but I don’t sell.  I know that “going into strangers homes to do parties” is not for everyone but there are so many other options (catalog parties, vendor events, fundraising, etc).

Who doesn’t LOVE FREE products (or at least a HUGE discount)? Who wouldn’t love to be able to shop guilt FREE because you are earning a commission on what you sell (or buy)?  Why not try it?  What was the last thing that you spent $99 on?  Do you still use it?  Why not get $400 worth of product with a potential of an additional $400 in FREE product – all for $99?

Want a little girl time?  Need some extra money to pay for the kids activities?  Want to be able to plan a vacation without worrying about the cost?  Want to pay off those credit card bills?  How about having a debt free Christmas by paying cash for everything?

Curious?  Contact me and I will be happy to share the gift of Thirty One with you.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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