Hope Wissel

Prioritize YOUR Why

Happy Monday Everyone!  A new month, a new week and new time adjustments add that to changes in my part time job schedule and I really have to wonder what happen to my “WHY” in my business.  I know that sounds crazy, right? Everyone knows what their why is or the reason that they went into business, right?  As you know, I struggle with it on a regular basis but the one thing has always been to have time with family.  So, how is that going?  Not real well!

October flew by – a great Thirty One month, work wasn’t too bad and a few minutes carved out for hubby but not so much for the rest of the family.  November is kicking off the start of the holiday season and I am already feeling overwhelmed.

Changes at the JOB and being short one person, I offered to help with a few extra days.  UGH!  The word NO doesn’t seem to be in my vocabulary.   It wouldn’t be so bad but in addition to the extra days, I am now traveling to TWO different locations other than my home base.  Can you say stress?  It means not only learning a new location but adjusting to the different personalities of the resident managers.  I am just praying for the month to be over so things can go back to NORMAL and I can go back to my home base.  Of course, I am a little concerned that may not happen since the new hire has her own “rules” for working that don’t seem to fit the hours needed for the job.  That is a whole different story and a separate venting session.

Yes, I had squirrel moment!!!

I have been reading a lot of articles and blogs as well as reflecting on the talks that I had with my therapist/life coach over the last week or so. I have realized that my priorities are upside down.  Does that really surprise you?  My why is to be able to have time with family & having more me time, pay off debt and give back to the community.  Okay, the pay off debt part is going slow but it is moving.  Giving back to the community is moving along at a comfortable pace.  Spending time with the family seems to have moved to the bottom of the list instead of being at the top of the list.  I seem to be nonexistent in the equation.  I always say that I need more hours in the day but the truth is, I need to prioritize things that matter the most to me at the TOP of the list instead of at the bottom.

What if I was to block time for ME first?  You know the 15 minutes on the bike in the morning THEN hitting the computer for some work.  What if I was to block out Monday and Tuesday totally from 11AM on for hubby? What if I was to follow through on the “at least” one day a month to spend with my mom?  THEN schedule my Thirty One business and finally put the JOB on the schedule.  Would that change the way that I feel?  Would that make for a less stressful day?  No, I don’t have all of the answers but I am ready to make some changes.

First baby step – STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER and CELL PHONE TODAY and tomorrow after 10AM to spend the day with hubby.  I figure if I can accomplish this baby step, then I can move on to the next step.

What is the one baby step that YOU need to make to change your priorities so that YOUR why is tops on the list?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!




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