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January and the NEW Spring Catalog

Sunday was an AMAZING day!  The highlight of which was celebrating Thirty One’s Spring Premiere with 150 plus women at a local movie theater in Toms River.  This was the first time that Premiere was close and I wasn’t driving 2 hours to be part of the excitement.  I know you are wondering, why Spring Premiere NOW, right?  Thirty One’s new Spring catalog kicks off on January 1st just in time to beat the winter chill with thoughts of warmer days.

In the past, I like many others, tend to have a V-8 moment the week in between Christmas and New Years when I realize that I don’t have much on the books for January.  Our holiday cut-off is December 10th then comes the holidays and before long, it is January.  Our business has gotten pushed aside and we are now trying to play catch up.  Does this sound familiar?  This was me last year and despite my lack of planning, I had a great “J” month.  This year, I am planning for January starting with this month’s parties so that my first “J” month of the new year will be off the charts.

I love this advice from  JulieAnn Jones: Block out December 15 – 31st on my calendar as if it doesn’t exist and move those people into the new year.  This way I can make sure that my January calendar is booked focusing on January 1st – 15th.  A paycheck on the 25th would be a nice way to kick off the new year, right?

Here are a few of my favorite reasons for hosts to book parties with me in January:

  • The holidays are over (that in and of itself is a let down).  Why not have some girl time to catch up with everyone you missed over the holidays.
  • Other than Martin Luther King day, we don’t get to celebrate any holidays in January so people need an excuse for a party
  • We have an AWESOME host and customer specials for January
  • The NEW Spring Catalog
  • I am working on qualifying for our Leadership incentive trip to Riviera Maya

So I am ready….armed with some NEW tips from Rockstar MOMpreneurs.  Ready to fill my calendar with home parties and back them up with some online Facebook parties just in case the weather is bad.  I am ready to dangle a lot of carrots in the hopes that it will be the right thing to entice guests to set their date.

In addition to booking parties, I am sure that there will be many who will be dreading the January bills from the holidays.  What better time to join my team?  Extra income, new products and some me (or girl time) – what more could a girl want, right?

So look at your December parties as more than just sales opportunities. Look at them as a way to ensure that you’ll start next year with a strong business. That way, you can truly relax over the holidays knowing you’ll have a business to come back to when the new year starts.

Oh, did you really think that I was going to show you what is coming in the NEW Spring catalog?  Silly readers!!!  I will tell you that if you check out my VIP page – Hope’s Purse Closet you might get a glimpse of what is coming.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!






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