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Unmotivated to Motivated

Are you unmotivated in you business?  How about at home – you know those chores that never seem to get done?  I saw some tips in a recent blog by The Nectar Collective that I think can help to improve your productivity and your motivation which as a result will help you to get STUFF done…

  • Cut Yourself off from Social Media.  UGH!  Really, I feel like sometimes that is the only way that I connect with people.  Of course, then there are those days that I get lost in the black hole of Facebook.  I have turned notifications off on my phone so that I don’t get that constant ding when I am out with hubby.  It is said that “when you hush the chatter of the online world, you’re able to get back into the groove of that pesky to-do list that’s been giving you side eyes since last week.”
  • Recognize when you’re at the top of your game.  I used to believe that I worked best at about 5AM before the craziness of the day kicked in.  A little older and definitely a little wiser, I have found that no matter how early I get up, my best work is done by 11AM.  Sad, right?  But the truth is, now that I am VERY much aware of this, I save my mindless tasks till the afternoon when I am not functioning 100%.  For those that read my blogs, I am sure you could probably guess the days that I am writing in the afternoon versus first thing in the AM. Be honest!!!
  • Create rewards.  Does this really work for you?  For me, little rewards like a piece of candy when I knock something off my to do list is not much of an incentive.  Believe it or not, just seeing the green highlighter line through something on the list does it for me.  I know, crazy, right?  When everything on my to do list has a green line through it, I have accomplished all that I set out to do that week.  That is when I can truly relax and kick back, ready to reward myself.
  • Organize that hot mess of yours.  On any given day, my office is a hot mess.  Funny considering that I write about getting organized and give lots of tips to help others – the truth is, I don’t take my own advice.  If I did, I would be a ROCKSTAR in my business and in my personal life.  Hubby would say that I am a rockstar but that is because he loves me unconditionally.  “Squirrel moment”.  At the end of the day, before I leave my office, I take about 10 minutes to organize my desk for the next morning.  When my work space is clear, my mind is clear and ready to start working instead of wasting time and energy searching for things in the morning.
  • GIVE UP.  Some days, you are not going to feel like pushing yourself to get work done and if you do you will probably only get mediocre results so why not play hooky for the day or even a few hours.  Don’t beat yourself up – relax and take a break.  Okay, so I am not very good at this.  I push until I am on overload and as a result, my brain kicks into depression mode so that I stop and take a rest.  Always the extremes for me.


Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!




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