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Connecting Through Social Media


Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a sponge for information and then sharing that information.  A fellow blogger (and Thirty One consultant) always talks about her business coach so I was curious – I mean she is a ROCKSTAR in the our company so why not see what makes her tick, right?

ROCKSTAR MOMPRENEURS has given me some definite pointers in building my business in just a few short videos.  I am an impulse shopper (part of my addictive nature), that I jump in feet first all of the time.   Then I think about things instead of checking things out first.  I mean that is how I joined Thirty One – looking for discounts and a little extra money!  This is another time, that I am glad that I jumped in.  I love that the video trainings are about 15 minutes in length which makes listening to them easy.

Alisha talks about building your list which simply means growing your network of people online.  How many of you have hundreds of people as “friends” on your Facebook page?  High school friends?  College Friends?  Customers? Friends of friends? Some of those people you probably haven’t talked to in ages, and have you looked at their Facebook page lately to see if they are even on Facebook?  I have to admit, this makes me a little uncomfortable reaching out to people who don’t really know me but I figure as long as we have some mutual friends, it is okay.

Maybe you are “puking” up your business and people have started to avoid you, could that be possible?  Remember that our business is all about building relationships not constantly posting about “buy my stuff” or “I need orders to meet my goal”.  There are many direct selling consultants that do that and after awhile, people get tired of seeing it, right?  They begin to avoid you, stop looking at your Facebook page and maybe even stop getting your notifications.  As a result, you have lost the opportunity to build a relationship and a potential customer or hostess.

What if you were to change the way you did thing?  What if you ONLY posted about specific business things when the opportunity presented itself? I LOVE this advice:

 Do you realize the potential of the number of people you can be exposed to through social media that you don’t even know yet! It’s all about “other people”, and who they know, that now you have the opportunity if you consistently play in the world of social media to get to know, build a relationship and BOOM!!! Add to your list!!! Then repeat.

As I begin planning for 2015 (it is never too early), I am reaching out to NEW people to make those connections.  What about you?  Will you connect with new people in an effort to grow your business by letting them get to know YOU?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



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