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Strengths or Weaknesses

Happy Saturday!  Remember that today is the Step of Faith Holiday Fair at St. Paul’s Church in Brick if you are in the area…..Stop by and say “hello”.

I was reading an article about the “4 Qualities Needed to be Used by God” which got me to thinking.  I know a scary thought on a Saturday morning, right?  I have been reading the Purpose Driven Life trying to figure out my life purpose.  Just when I think I have it right, there is a twist in the road and I start to wonder or should I say doubt what I am doing with my life.

It finally hit me that I have 3 out of 4 then just maybe God can still use me for his purpose despite the fact that I feel less than.  I honestly can’t remember the fourth one.

1.  Foolish Mistakes – How far back should I go to start counting the foolish mistakes that I made?  I seem to remember them starting around the age of 12 and then they get progressively “dumber” with age.  I wonder if I have learned from those mistakes or if I just keep making the same ones over and over again in a different scenario.  I am sure all of us have made some foolish mistakes, right?

2.  Weak –  By definition it means:

  • lacking physical strength and energy; of a low standard; performing or performed badly.
  • liable to break or give way under pressure; easily damaged.

This word takes on so many different meanings for me.  I am “weak” in my faith.  I am “weak” in my physical strength.  I am “weak” in my confidence or belief in myself.  I always feel like I am on the verge of breaking when the pressure gets too great and as a result I am easily damaged.

3.  Ordinary – I have always been a behind the scenes person, never wanting to be seen by others.  My fears keep me hidden, becoming overwhelmed when thrust in the limelight.  Settling for being ordinary even when I have been called to be extra-ordinary.

Three qualities that God looks for in us so that we can fulfill his plan for us.  Three qualities that I have that I never really thought of as positive but are in God’s eyes.

Being in direct sales, people would be surprised that these internal struggles go on.  On the outside, I am perceived as successful, confident, fun-loving and encouraging – words others use to describe me.  Maybe that is God’s plan, to share my strengths, hopes and experiences with others so that they can grow into confident, strong, authentic women.

Whether it be encouraging the women on my team, my Thirty One sisters, my church family, family or friends – I am their cheerleader.  Is that God’s plan for me?  Maybe it is time to STOP and LISTEN to what he has to say.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!




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