Hope Wissel

Holiday Choices

Busy day planned as I get ready for the invasion of “the girls” as hubby calls the upcoming visit from Belinda and 3 of her friends from North Carolina.  They are scheduled to arrive sometime tomorrow.  I am excited to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my daughter.  Of course this Thanksgiving trip conjures memories of her last Thanksgiving trip to NJ including an expected trip to the ER for an emergency surgery to remove her leaking appendix.  This is a shorter trip, so keep us in prayer that there are no trips to the ER.

My first instinct is to go into Vacation Veronica mode…. you know the one.  The holidays are here, surrounded by family and who wants to work, right?  It was great when I worked for someone else, I could take time off and work didn’t suffer.  The truth is, in direct sales what you do today will effect your business 90 days from now.  Scary thought, huh?  I don’t want to be scrambling in 90 days for bookings or worrying about meeting goals; I want to continue the steady path that I am on now.  So, I am being smart about this holiday… I am scheduling hours to work my business so that I can enjoy Thanksgiving Day in NY with the girls and tine with hubby.  I am fighting Vacation Veronica mode even if it means getting up at 5AM before and after the holiday.  It will be so worth it.

When Vacation Veronica pays a visit not only is work effected but also our eating habits (or at least mine).  Last week at Weight Watchers, we did the PLATE.  It is a visual that show just how many points (or calories) are in each of the items that we eat over Thanksgiving.  Let’s be honest – do the mashed potatoes taste any different on Thanksgiving then any other day of the year?  You can have biscuits anytime, right?  So, if you are watching your weight, you have a decision to make:

  1. Am I going to eat everything I want and not worry about the scale?  If so, enjoy.
  2. Am I going to eat the things that I really enjoy and hold off on the things that I can have everyday?
  3. Am I going to eat a little bit of everything, just smaller amounts, until I am full but not stuffed

Which of those best describe you?  Well, this is Week 1 of being back on program at Weight Watchers.  It has been a definite eye opener for me on how easy old habits creep back into our life.  So, since I am cooking this year and we are having our holiday meal on Wednesday, I think I will choose #2.  I will enjoy the things that I don’t have every day including my Tofurkey (the vegetarian version of stuffed turkey) with some gravy and LOTS of veggies.  I know that Thanksgiving Day will be filled with lots of walking and dinner out in NY after the parade so I want to save my points so I can enjoy the day.

Are you embracing Vacation Veronica this week or are you only allowing her a SHORT visit?  Whatever you decide, enjoy the moment and don’t beat yourself up.  Embrace the choices that you make, enjoy and jump back into work or your weight loss program the next day.

It is time to go bake a pumpkin pie and pick up cookies from Jersey Cookie Girl.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



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