Hope Wissel

Hump Day


You know that I LOVE this camel, right?  Today he is doing the happy dance… not only is it HUMP day, it is the day that Belinda arrives home!!!!  She will arrive with Ashley, Ashleigh and Amber some time today – before dinner and hopefully by lunchtime.  I don’t know what time they will arrive, so all day I will wait patiently (NOT) for them.

I am so excited to have her home if even for a few days.  There are days when North Carolina feels like another country.  A mere 12 hour drive yet we only get down there once or twice a year.  Do I care that they main reason they are coming to NJ is to head to NY tomorrow to see Western Carolina University in the Macy’s Parade?  NOPE!  It brought her home and for that I am grateful.

I am in cooking mode.  I decided to fix Thanksgiving dinner tonight since we will be in New York City tomorrow.  Just the basics (with a little help from Shop Rite Shop At Home), turkey (tufurkey for me), gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes (I am sure they won’t be as good as dad’s), sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, corn and biscuits.  Of course, there will be dessert – homemade Weight Watchers Pumpkin Pie (they will never know) and cookies courtesy of Jersey Cookie Girl!  I am even making some Sangria – thank you Yago with some frozen fruit.  A day where I will make smarter decisions but the truth is I probably won’t do a lot of tracking of points.

Off to finish some last minute cleaning and to wait…. and wait… and wait.

Have  ThirtyOne-derful day!



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