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Working On Contentment


The weekend is coming to a close, the girls are headed back (or already in) North Carolina, Thanksgiving is over and for me the Christmas season begins. A mixture of emotions flow through me as I struggle with being content and not wanting more.  More money to pay bills.  More time with my daughter.  More time to spend with family. More business.  More recruits.  More weight loss.  All of the things that are attainable with prayer and thanksgiving.

I saw this and it made me think about my contentment…

Being content in our lives takes work. Contentment is not something that just happens. Far from it actually because we are a needy people. We always want something more. We always work harder to get the things that everyone else has. We all have even been guilty of commenting on our lack of satisfaction of our life placement. It is once again one of those pesky human nature things.

We wonder why some people are successful or have what we want.  The grass is greener on the other side syndrome takes over in my case.  I forget to be content in God’s love and blessings. I forget to be content in the things that God has given me. I forget to trust that God is going to give me everything that I need. I simply forget.

Contentment is possible. It simply takes work. It takes commitment on our part to not complain about the things that we do not have. Instead we need to focus on the things that we do have. Focusing on the pure grace that God has given each and every one of us. This contentment is important so that we can in fact continue to praise God the way that He deserves……

Today, as I look back on this awesome holiday weekend, I am content.  Content in my business.  Content in my marriage.  Content in my life.  I know that God will continue to bless me if I remember that everything I have is a gift from him.

Are you content in your life?  Are you struggling to find the positive when there only seems to be negative?  PAUSE and give thanks for everything – no matter how small.  You will be amazed at how this “gratitude walk” will change your outlook.  If we practice this each day, Negative Nellie will find a new home.   We will be content and happy in our lives.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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