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The Battle of Negative Attraction

The ongoing battle of “negative attraction” or you may know it as a “fatal attraction”.  We know what a fatal attraction is in relationships, right?  It is that person that we are attracted to no matter how much in our head, we know that this person is not right for us.  We have all been there at some time in our life and hopefully have outgrown it.

Did you ever think about it relating to your business?  I know Negative Nellie very well and she hovers outside my door waiting for an invitation to come in.  I am often rude and slam the door in her face.

Have you been trying to reverse “negative attraction” in your business  by doing positive mantras, visualizing your desires, and thinking BIG!  Yet, despite your best efforts nothing seems to work.  You question the path you are on.  You question your purpose?  You wonder if your dreams are just not meant to be?  Does this sound familiar?  I have been there and on some days am still there…

The truth is that no matter how hard I “work”, my mind still drifts to my “lack of” and as a result, I generate more lack.  Does that make sense?  It is about changing our energy.  It is about only doing the things that align with our desires.  WOW!  Believe me, it is a lot harder (at least for me) then it sounds.

Let’s go back to “fatal attraction” relationship.  The person wasn’t right for you for so many reasons.  During that relationship, more negatives came into your life than positives.  If you are like me, you wrote them off and tried to push them aside.  Then one day – SMACK!  You realized that it was time to let the relationship go.  When you did, the universe started changing for you.  It may not have happened overnight.  It may not have been obvious but positive things started to happen.  Maybe you got a raise.  Maybe opportunities started to show up.  Now let’s go back to your business…

If you were to apply the same principle to your business what do you think would happen?  More parties, more recruits, and more goals/incentives achieved.  That is what happens when we are in harmony with our core values.

Do you know what your core values are?  There is an article in Inc magazine that helps you with this process.  Or, on

What are your core values?  Just when I think I know what mine our, I have another AHA moment.  So I am off to work on mine, then I will share.  What about you?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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