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Are You Instantly Likeable

TGIF!  I can’t believe that there is only 19 days till Christmas… where did the year go?  Before long we will be making those dreaded New Year’s Resolutions.  Okay, before I jump WAY ahead, I have been doing a lot of people watching over the last few weeks.

As I attend vendor events and home parties, I have been observing everyone’s body language.  I remembered being taught YEARS ago about the importance of our own body language in business but sometimes I need a refresher course.

And according to Leil Lowndes in her book “How To Talk To Anyone,” you can capture — and hold — anyone’s attention without saying a word.  I was intrigued so I checked some of them out…

Sticky Eyes – “Pretend your eyes are glued to your conversation partner’s with sticky warm taffy,” Lowndes advises. Even after they’ve finished speaking, don’t break eye contact. “When you must look away, do it ever so slowly, reluctantly, stretching the gooey taffy until the tiny string finally breaks.”  You can also try counting your conversation partner’s blinks. In a case study, subjects reported significantly higher feelings of respect and fondness for their colleagues who used this technique.

This one sounded interesting..of course the analogy of sticky warm taffy caught my attention right away.

Limit The Fidget – If you want to appear credible, try not to move too much when your conversation really matters. “Do not fidget, twitch, wiggle, squirm, or scratch,” Lowndes says. Frequent hand motions near your face can give your listener the feeling that you’re lying or anxious. Instead, simply fix a constant gaze on the listener and show them that you’re fully concentrated on the matter at hand.

I believe that this one is really important when doing home parties or talking to potential customers.  LISTENING to people is key in any business.

Hello, Old Friend – When you first meet someone, imagine they’re your old friend. According to Lowndes, this will cause a lot of subconscious reactions in your body, from the softening of your eyebrows to the positioning of your toes.  An added benefit to this technique is that when you act as though you like someone, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy — you might really start to like them. Lowndes says, “What it boils down to is love begets love, like begets like, respect begets respect.”

This is good for those who step out of their comfort zone to meet people. I have actually observed consultants using these three types of body language and the response of the people the talk is awesome.

If you are heading to a party the weekend or attending a vendor event or even out doing your holiday shopping, shy not try one or two of these things.  Okay, so some people may think you are crazy but just maybe you will meet a potential customers, hostess or recruit.  What have you got to loose, right?

I remember telling Belinda when she was little and trying something for the first time in a new setting, “you will never see these people again, so it doesn’t matter what they think”.  I mean really what are the odds that you will run into the same person again when you are at an event or on vacation.  If you hear Belinda tell the story, she will say the odds are GOOD.  TWICE she ran into people who actually were from our home town and had seen her before at gymnastics or at school.  So much for my theory, right?  But the truth is, more times than not, you won’t see them again unless you make a connection.

What are some of your best body language moves?  Share them with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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