Unclutter Your Life


I have been getting daily emails from “yourorganizedguide.com” over the last few days.  I don’t remember signing up for the newsletter but I have to admit, there have been some great tips.  I found this one particularly true:

So, for the weekend, I present you with a list of stuff you probably have too much of. Feel free to start purging immediately!

  • Towels and sheets.  I always thought you could never have enough especially towels when company comes.  But really, how often is that?
  • Glasses and mugs.  The ones we have are ALL the wrong size.  Hubby had them when we got married and we never changed them.
  • Travel-sized hotel freebies.  I used to gather all of these when we traveled.  Then I would donate them to an organization.  I wish I had some this holiday season to put in some bags I am putting together.
  • Bluerays, DVDs, and VHS tapes (yes, a number of people still have lots and lots of them).  I am one of those with LOTS of VHS tapes. We even still have a VCR hooked to the TV.
  • Canned food (have you actually checked those expiration dates recently?).  
  • Books (sad to say, but it’s true).  Hubby says that one day he will read them all again.  REALLY???  I would love to clear out the 10 large tubs of books that he has.
  • Office supplies (really? five boxes of #2 pencils?).  YEAH!  One that I accomplished this year.  I donated them to a local school.
  • Clothes and shoes.  You know all this just in case clothes – just in case I can fit back into the smaller size OR just in case I gain some weight.  I stopped holding on to clothes after I lost the weight which helps to keep my weight in check.
  • Knick-knacks (or as my husband says: stuff to dust).  Not much of this any more.
  • Storage containers.  Never can have enough of these since hubby is deadly with a microwave.

By just tackling one category at a time, you can make a huge difference in the amount of clutter in your life.  Do you know that when you free of the clutter in one area, things start to get better in all areas?  No, really it is true.

So hop to it!  Make Some Room.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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