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I don’t know about you but I LOVE to celebrate when I achieve a goal.  From weight loss goals to business goals to achieving an incentive from Thirty One.  I LOVE setting goals and achieving them.

Have you ever fell short of your goal?  Let’s be honest, we all have at one time or another, right?  What happens then?  Do you beat yourself up?  Do you wallow in the negative with Negative Nellie?  I do sometimes until I STOP and hit the PAUSE button.  Yes, that is my new thing when I am heading into that downward spiral of negativity.  Believe it or not, it works.

I know, where is all of this leading right?  Well, we just finished an amazing incentive period with Thirty One.  An opportunity to earn over $500 in FREE NEW Spring products in the first 15 days of December.

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I set a goal to earn it ALL.  I fell short and as a result earned

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So, just for a moment I didn’t give myself credit for what I had done – I wanted to beat myself up for what I didn’t accomplish.  Ready to compare what I had done to what the rest of my team (or other consultants) had accomplished. Now, I am CELEBRATING my accomplishment and looking for new opportunities to reach my next goal which is some more FREE product AND a FREE trip to Rivisria Maya. Who wants to join me?

Thank you Jody for helping to each week to learn how to change this thinking.  I am seeing success in everything that I do – no matter how small. Celebrating the little victories every single day in my personal life and my business.

  • If you got up on time, got dressed and all before 8am (or whatever your goal is) – CELEBRATE! 
  • If you picked up the phone to make a Customer Care call, even though you only left a voice mail – CELEBRATE
  • If you composed an email blast and sent it out to all your past hostesses to book parties  because your calendar is empty- CELEBRATE! 
  • If you lost .2 on the scale this week (a stick of butter) – CELEBRATE!
  • If you exercised at all (even for 15 minutes) this week – CELEBRATE!
  • If you said “NO” to a second helping or more dessert – CELEBRATE!

When you find success in every action you do, you will create a better result with each new action.

So, what are YOU going to CELEBRATE today?

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