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Increase Your Home Party Sales

Happy Monday Morning.. Since this is Christmas week, it is a short week.  Some may be taking this whole week off while others are plugging along.  With the pending release of the NEW Thirty One Spring catalog, I have been putting things together for my January parties when I came across a blog by JulieAnne Jones which made me giggle.  She starts off with:

I know, I know, your home party plan merchandise sells itself. I’ve heard that a million times from my direct sales clients and friends and I believe it…to a point.

So why did I giggle?  Because that is what I say to potential hostesses when we are talking about booking a Girl’s Night Out.  Admit it, you have said it too.  It is true because when people are having fun and you are providing them with solutions to every day problems, they will shop.

I know that none of us want to be the pushy sales person BUT you need to be using some sales techniques or you are going to leave money on the table.  Okay, maybe not literally but you will miss out on the opportunities in front of you at a home party.

So here are some tips on how to maximize your sales at the end of your home party..

1.  A Wish List.   This is a great way for your guests to keep track of the items that they like and helps with checkout.  I tried this once but did not really stress how helpful it was for the customers when they begin to order.  Starting in 2015, this will be part of my guest packet.  The end result will be that I will be able to help them with the best deals whether it is placing an order, hosting a party or joining my team.

2.  Shopping.  Be sure that you include information on how to shop in at the end of your presentation.  Things like: handing out catalogs, outlining host and customer specials for the current and next month, and sharing logistics like methods of payment you accept, how their orders will ship, etc.  This seems like a no-brainer but the truth is sometimes we forget something.

3.  Provide a Nordstrom, not a Wal-Mart experience for your guests.   I LOVE doing this.  I always tell the guests, I will help them find the best deals so that they get the most value for their dollar.  Dedicated time to each customer to answer their questions and help them with choices will increase sales and  build relationships which will lead to future bookings and sales.

4.  Add-on Products.  Solution sets have always been a part of Thirty One’s party experience – one core product teamed with two other products.  The truth is that sometimes in the craziness of the party, I forget to do this.  Asking guests if they want the monthly special is easy and usually a welcome reminder according to party guests.  Your job is to know your merchandise and catalog so well that you can suggest add-on products based on what your customers like (it’s called upselling). A high percentage of people will say yes to relevant suggestions, increasing your bottom line.

So, which one of these tips are YOU going to implement at your upcoming parties?  Better yet, what is YOUR best tip for increasing home party sales?  Share with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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