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I can’t believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!  In the past, I have been Vacation Veronica and put my business on hold from the 15th of December to the 1st of January.   To say the least, it left me scrambling for bookings and sales in the new year.  This year, I have been working on my social media postings and getting a plan in place to ROCK 2015.  I have been in touch with customers and hostesses to entice them with the NEW Spring catalog – planting booking and recruiting seeds.

party on the go

I came across a blog from “My Sales Tactics” which I thought was interesting.  The main focus was tips to “party on with home parties”.  Although they talked about five different things, I really liked these TWO ideas:

1.  Booking in close works best. Booking in close means scheduling events within a short time, usually within 3-10 days. By booking in close, people know their schedule and they either attend or don’t. People usually attend home parties if they have nothing better to do; that means no work, school, or children commitments that have a higher priority. For many people, especially working women, the opportunity to get together with the girls is a luxury that gets wedged in between work, kids, and family.  To build attendance when booking home parties in close:

  • Be sure to get the cell phone number of your friends.
  • Send them a text with the invite information. Here’s an example of a short and sweet invite sent on short notice:
    • Party Thurs. nite at 123 State St., 43550
    • 5:00 pm
    • See if you can bring 2-3 new friends.
    • Appetizers and fun. Shop for
    • Hostess: Susie Smith
    • RSVP please, coming or not
  • Use multiple means to message your Hostess’s friends.

The Hostess and I can also make personal phone calls, email a PDF invitation to guests, and post the party on Facebook. Even if most phone calls go to voice mail, the point is that in today’s busy world, multiple methods of inviting are key to getting a good turnout.

The truth is I was never one for quick home parties but I am definitely reconsidering it as an option.  Time to redo my guest list forms to include cell phone numbers as well as email addresses and home addresses for snail mail.  I am grateful for Red Stamp which could turn the text invite into a cute picture.

2.  Parties can be held in public places.  I am excited that starting in January, I have several of these on my calendar.  My local favorite lunch place, Taylor Sam’s, will be trying out a dinner menu.  They have already agreed to let me hold several mini parties during these new hours.  Week 1, I will pay for the drinks (coffee and tea) and dessert for the guests.  Then another week, I will do a mini wine tasting and the restaurant will supply the snacks (cheese, crackers, dip, etc.).  We will publicize not only the restaurant but also I will be able to introduce my products to a new group of customers.  A win-win for everyone.

Thirty One has recognized the changes taking place in the home party arena and are now encouraging “parties on the go”.  A concept that works well for everyone. The Hostess doesn’t have to open up her home and the guests were more likely to bring friends that the Hostess didn’t know because of the less personal turf for the party.

So for those who ask, “Is the home party over?” The answer is a resounding NO!  With a little bit of imagination as to where and when to hold a “home party”, it can quickly become a “party on the go”.

What are some of YOUR best unique party tips?  Share them with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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