Hope Wissel

Twis the Night Before Christmas


This Christmas Eve is filled with LOTS of emotions…It is different than most years for so many reasons…

This year, Belinda is in North Carolina.  Mom and Sal are in South Jersey – we will be together tomorrow.  Rob is working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day night.  No, I am not on a poor me kick, just reflecting on years past…

As a child, this was the BEST two days of the year.  Christmas Eve was spent with family and going to church.  Christmas morning was the travel between houses to open gifts. Breakfast at our house and dinner at my grandparents.

Then came the years that the family was smaller…. my parents divorced, and my grandfather was gone. Those years were celebrated with small gatherings of the Weston clan.  Then along came Belinda….WOW!  Did things change…all were a blessing and I wouldn’t change those years and memories for anything.

Christmas Eve was spent getting gifts wrapped and trying to get Belinda to go to bed.  Church became part of the mix as Belinda got older.  I spent most of the night preparing for the family to come to the house the next morning.  There was no traveling for Belinda.  She wanted to be HOME and was not happy to go anywhere with the exception of MAYBE dinner at her buddy’s house.  Christmas Eve ALWAYS included some version of the “Night Before Christmas”.  From the book to videos, we could never get enough of the wonderful holiday movies.

I am looking forward to going to church tonight to be with my extended family.  It will be a time to reflect and remember, cherishing each moment.  Already trying to plan on how we can all be together for Christmas next year….

Cherish the moments.  Hug the ones you love.  Put the differences aside for you never know what the future may bring…

From our house to yours…. Merry Christmas.

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