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Birthday Day Club

I hope that everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I was blessed to be able to spend time with hubby before he went to work.   Then I headed to South Jersey to have dinner with my mom and step-dad.  As each year passes, I cherish more and more the time spent with family during the holiday season.

Now, I am back to work planning out 2015 with a vengeance.  I am determined that it will be my BEST year yet with Thirty One.


One of the things that I started in 2014 was a Birthday Club.  It was another way for me to connect with my customers during the year.  This year, I mailed a postcard with birthday wishes that included a $10 off coupon when they spent $35.  The results were okay – about 50% of my customers redeemed them.  I am guessing that of those that didn’t redeem them, they were tossed or never received.  I mean doesn’t every business (or store) now do birthday wishes with a discount.  So, I got to thinking “what would make me stand out?”.  My hostesses LOVE my happy mail which is simply a small gift every month for 3 months after their party.  So, why not do birthday happy mail, right?

Now, I am not going to tell you what is going to be in it because that would spoil it for my customers. Here are some suggestions that you might use:

  • a sample of your product
  • a fun little inexpensive gift
  • some confetti
  • party supplies
  • your business card & discount coupon
  • candy

There are so many options depending on your business…

Yes, there is a cost.  Yes, it is a risk.  Yes, it is the same thing to all of your customers.  The truth is that it will make an impression on your customers and they will feel special.  They may post if on Facebook (or other social media) which will get shared with their friends and family.  The result is that your name gets in front of people who may not normally check out your website or consider buying (or booking) with you.

So, I am upping the investment just a little this year.  My goal is to build better relationships with my customers.  I want them to know that I am a Thirty One Gifts consultant.  I want them to know that I appreciate their business.  I want them to feel special so that they will tell others about me (and my business).

What are you doing this year to build better relationships with your customers?

Want to be a party of my Birthday Club?  Click here to fill out the form.  Then watch your mail for your birthday surprise.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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