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A Plan for 2015

Holidays on a Thursday make getting up and doing anything on Friday SOOOO hard.  Some of you may be enjoying the luxury of staying in bed a little longer but I am off to my JOB.  I actually don’t mind my day job – I mean it is only 3 days a week.  Sorry, I squirreled for a minute!!!  No, that is not the plan for 2015!!!

I am actually excited about 2015 and my Thirty One business.  The new Jewell but Thirty One purse line is AWESOME.  There are more exciting things coming in March with the new JK by Thirty One.  I mean who wouldn’t be excited, right?

The TWO main things that will make 2015 different for me are:

1.  I am continue to heal and release my baggage of the past.  My counselor/ life coach has been a HUGE help.  I actually am starting to like myself which translates to feeling confident which translates to  growing my business and a healthier marriage.  Yes, a big jump but that is how I feel this morning.

2.  I have a plan for this year.  Not just on paper but one that I started to implement as I was working on it.  A plan with “achievements” set and even starting working some steps to achieve them

JulieAnn Jones says that there are 3 KEY steps to a successful plan:

My word for 2015 is TRUST.  Check out yesterday’s blog to read all about it.

I never really thought of my word for the year as this: “This is, essentially, the one word that would define you without any of the other markers you normally use to define you (“who” would you be without any possessions, business, spouse, children, family, pets, etc. Just you, in your body, standing where you are right now. Who are you?)”  

Based on the description above do you see me?

It seems odd that “Identify your core values” had me a little stuck.  These are the values that truly define who you are and what you must have in your life to feel fulfilled and happy and like life is worth living.  Shouldn’t everyone know what their core values are?  Before I have to hit the reset button and kick Negative Nellie to the curb – I realize that it is because I am finding ME again.  The person that seemed to be lost so many years ago.

Just for today, they are: Fun, Generous, Resourceful, Independence and Spirituality.

So, I thought that having a WORD for the year was enough but according to JulieAnn, you need a THEME too.  UGH!   This is an over-riding phrase, feeling, picture, or song for the year.

Mine is “Girls Just Want to have FUN.”

Okay so the theme may be a little retro but this is firth THEME that popped into my head. Not sure if it goes with my WORD of the year but maybe it really doesn’t have to be linked together.

In the bigger picture of 2015, I want to “trust” in the process of direct sales basics of book, sell, recruit.  I want my hostesses and customers to have fun so that they WANT to party with me again.  I, myself,  want to have FUN recapturing the passion and excitement of every day without the access baggage of the past.

What is YOUR plan for 2015?  Do you have a WORD or a THEME?  Share it below or go to my Facebook page and leave it there.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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6 thoughts on “A Plan for 2015”

  1. Hello Hope!
    I first want to say that I love your blog! So inspirational! I really liked this article and the thought of there actually being a way to achieve your New Years Resolutions, because I definitely struggle with that. I was thinking about it and I think that my word for 2015 is going to be Share. I feel like I keep too many things inside myself when I am stressed and if I would just share, my life would be a lot more stress free. Plus as a shy person it would probably do me some good to share some things haha.

    How do you remember your spiritual goals on a day to day basis?

    1. Bailey – thank you for your kind words. I LOVE your word. I can totally relate to keeping things inside because I worry about everyone else. I am learning how to “let go” especially if it is something that I can’t control.

      As far as my spiritual goals – I do devotions every morning to start off the day. That sets the tone for me. When I don’t do them, I find that old behaviors and emotions creep in. The Serenity Prayer saved me through my addiction and even now when I need to reconnect with my Higher Power, it is my strength. Keep in touch and have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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