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Phone Phobia


The money is in the follow-up“, right?  That is what has been nicely drilled into our heads from day one.  You meet people and you start to develop a relationship.  Now what?  You know what I am going to say, right?  PICK UP THE PHONE and CALL THEM!  YIKES!!!

Do you have a phone-phobia?  Are you afraid you are bothering people?  Do you feel uncomfortable? Did you feel like you stutter because you don’t know what to say?  Do you feel like the phone weighs 500 pounds?  Did you know that it was all in YOUR mind?

Let me ask you this question ” has there ever been a time when you felt comfortable picking up the phone to get orders or bookings?”  Was it collecting donations for your favorite cause?  Selling tickets for you son/daughter’s school fundraiser?  We have all called friends, family and even approached people we just met to ask them if they would support our cause.  Why is our business different?

Why were you comfortable on those calls and not when you are doing follow-up calls for YOUR business?  In most cases (me included), I feel awkward asking for people to support me by putting money in my pocket.  Yet, as a Chief Operating Officer in a non-profit (my previous life), there was NOTHING that would stop me from picking up the phone.  I believed in the work that the agency was doing and as a result I could easily tell the world.

Do you see where I am going with this?  Ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s wrong with believing in yourself at that same level?
  • What if you believed that your business was a worthy cause and that the value you bring to your hosts and guests by offering your products and services was a gift?
  • Would that change things for you?

It is all about YOUR perception and your mindset.  I admit, the phone used to weigh 500 pounds for me and now I pick it up and call people.  Okay, so most of the time I get a voice mail but I am still letting them know that I want to connect.  I BELIEVE in my products. I BELIEVE that I am offering them something of value (FREE products, specials, etc).  I BELIEVE there is a reason to call them.

I am still looking for the best time of day to call and actually TALK to people but until I find that perfect time, I am still picking up the phone.  This is the perfect time to call customers and previous hostesses – a NEW Year and a NEW catalog.  I am going to be picking up the phone this week to wish people a happy New Year and update their files.

Are you ready to change YOUR mindset?  What is YOUR biggest phone phobia?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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This tip is courtesy of JulieAnnJones


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