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Are You Sharing Images

I am not a big fan of pictures of ME!  I have gotten better but it has been a process.  The truth is that PHOTOS and VIDEOS are the biggest thing on all forms of social media to be shared.  I think most of us use Facebook – personally and in our business.  Then there is also Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. I am sure that there are other ones but like I said, I am learning… it is a process.  I just wanted to share some tips on what I have learned recently about using social media for my business.

collage of social media

Did you know that on Facebook???  The number one reason why a person unlikes a small business page is because they find the posts boring.  WOW!  I have NEVER “unliked” a business page.  But know I am wondering if people have “unliked” me???

It seems that Instagram is fast becoming an awesome place for entrepreneurs to attract more followers. With a few fun photos, some hashtags you’ve got yourself a visual smorgasboard of people who are interested in what you’re sharing.  I am trying to post here on a regular basis to share the AWESOMENESS of Thirty One.

I love Pinterest!  I do worry about the black hole that I tend to fall into once I get started looking at all of the pictures.  Pinterest will even send you an email with suggested posts and boards in case you don’t get enough.

So what kind of images do you share?

  1. Quote images – Facebook is great for quote images.  Do you want to STAND OUT?  Everyone uses quote images so unless it is AMAZING – it will probably get over looked. 
  2. Title Images – These are images you create when you are sharing an article or blog that you wrote.  I never used pictures in my blog but I found that when I do, people STOP and click on the link.  I always try to tie the photo into the theme of the blog.
  3. Personal Photos –  This could be family photos or a shot of you sitting at your desk working, maybe you’re in the park with your laptop. Or maybe you’ve got a favorite coffee mug you want to share. These are a peek at who you are without being too personal.   These are especially good if you are working on building relationships with potential customers.
  4. Promotional – These should only be about 20% of your posts.  The theory is that social media is about being social and engaging. You don’t want people to think that ALL you do is SELL your products.  I struggle with this because I LOVE Thirty One.  I am always afraid that I am “puking” my business all over everyone.

You have heard that “variety is the spice of life” well that rings true for your images too.  Don’t be boring and constantly post pictures of your cats or always posting stock photos of your products. Post an image with a testimonial and a picture of you with a customer.

By keeping your images a variety so your audience will be intrigued to see what’s next. I try to throw in funny pictures, recipes, or videos.

Don’t be all business all the time and don’t be all personal all the time. Mix it up. Have fun with your images!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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