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Is Facebook Working for You



Facebook has been around for what seems like FOREVER, right?  In the beginning, we  posted things about ourselves and our family as a way to connect with people we knew across the country and the world.  As time went on, it became a tool for our business.  I can hear the groans now!

You have all seen them in your news feed right… the pleas to join a particular company, to try a particular product, to help someone meet their goal and the addition to groups that you never wanted to join.  I have to admit, I always wonder if I am guilty of the same thing.  What has the result been for YOUR business?  Do friends respond?  Do you get random team members as a result of your desperate pleas?  The truth is that most people will “unfriend” you or take you out of their news feed so that they don’t have to see the repeated advertising.  So, how do you tell the world about YOUR products without “puking” your business all over them?

Here are 5 keys to Facebook Success from Power Coach Alisha:

  1. FUN – post fun facts, pictures or videos.  Remember that posts like this get shared more PLUS get more “likes”.  More “likes” help increase how often people see you in their news feed.
  2. FUNNY – people like to laugh. They will share funny videos or pictures with their friends.  The more your posts are shared, the more people get to know your name.
  3. EXCITING – this doesn’t mean just exciting BUSINESS things.  It means exciting things in YOUR life.  Accomplishments of your kids, goals you reached, the surprise flowers hubby gives you… anything that is exciting to you – SHARE!
  4. ENTERTAINING – This ties into the fun and funny posts.  Remember when we were entertained by Facebook posts.  How about a silly or funny You Tube video?
  5. EDUCATIONAL – I don’t know about you but I have learned some neat tricks that I now use from Facebook, Pinterest and even You Tube.  Share what you have learned with others.

So, what will happen if you STOP posting all of those pleas and start focusing on these 5 areas on Facebook?  You will begin to build Facebook relationships which will lead to bookings, recruits and sales.  Honestly, how many hours do you currently spend on Facebook TRYING to get business in a given week?  How many bookings, recruits or random sales have you gotten as a result of those hours spent on Facebook?  Now, divide the hours you spend by the amount of bookings.  Isn’t your time more valuable then that?  Think of the relationships that you could be building if you were NOT always selling your products.  People might actually stop by and visit your Facebook page more often instead of just waiting for things in their news feed.

The end result is that we want to INTERACT with people.  We want to have a conversation with people.  Conversations lead to sales, bookings and recruits.  Isn’t that what building our business is all about.

Check your Facebook page… are you using any of the 5 Keys to Facebook Success? OR are you “puking” your business?  Try for the next few days to NOT post anything about booking, selling or recruiting on your personal Facebook page and see what happens.

Hope you have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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