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TGIF!!!  Are you counting down the hours (or minutes) till the weekend starts?  Thank you Becky Spieth for this acronym:

S – See your goal. You MUST have clarity and vision in order to know where you want to go.

U – Understand the obstacles.

C – Create a POSITIVE mental picture.

C – Clear yourself of all self doubt.

E – Embrace the challenge and stretch yourself.

S – Stay on track. Find an accountability partner who walks the walk.

S – Show the world that you can do this! Take intentional steps towards your personal success plan.

I know, it is crazy to be posting something like this on a FRIDAY, right?  The truth is this can apply to ALL aspects of your life.  So whether you are working you JOB,  working your business or working on a “to do” list – you can have achieve “success”.

Focus on positivity, potential, and possibilities. Why not have a clean start for the weekend?  Set your goals (within reason), know what the obstacles could be to accomplishing your tasks, stop doubting your ability to get things done, stay on track by working to check off that to do list and FEEL ACCOMPLISHED at the end when everything is done.  That sense of accomplishment in your personal life will spill over into your business or professional life.

If you own your own business, like I do, you are probably always focused on your goals.  There are some days hubby thinks I work 24/7 in my business.  The truth is sometimes I am just trying to learn new things that will help me reach my goals while others I am in fact working on building relationships.  I am focused but I do get off track.  You know that dreaded black hole on Facebook on Pinterest.  Just because I am on the tablet or the computer doesn’t mean that I am working.  TURN OFF the electronics and focus!

On my “off days”, you know the ones where you are working on that “to do” list.  I have goals for SUCCESS there too.  I mean who wants to go through a full day to find out that they have not accomplished anything.  I LOVE that hubby makes a list on his phone for our days off together.  YES, it makes me crazy sometimes but the truth is that it is nice to have someone to be accountable to so that I get things done.  We are always so excited when the list is done and we can just snuggle up on the coach to enjoy a movie.

Are you the definition of INSANITY? Do you keep doing the same thing year after year and expect different results? Are you expecting some MAJOR differences in your life and your business this year? Then you need to do some things differently.

Focus on SUCCESS in your personal and your professional life.  You will see an AMAZING transformation.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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