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Giving Back

Since I began my journey with Thirty One, I have provided a fundraising component to my business.  It didn’t matter whether it was a small goal or a HUGE goal, I wanted to help.  I have also been able to donate to various causes…

I always wanted to give back to the various communities that have helped me personally and professionally over the years.  If I couldn’t give to that group specifically I wanted to do “random acts of kindness”.

This group of zipper pouches were donated to the Pediatric Unit at Ocean Medical for Easter..


I was blessed to be able to donate these mini zipper pouches to Enchanted Makeovers to add a special touch to a magical night

enchanted makeovwea 7 2013

This was my favorite response…these kids were able to go back to school with bags like everyone else in their school colors.  They couldn’t wait to show them off.


No, I am not telling you all of this to toot my own horn. I NEVER do any of these projects without the help of my AMAZING customers, hostesses, family and friends.  Individuals who believe in the cause, or just want to help.  Okay, can you guess where this is leading…. YOU GOT IT!

In 2015, my goal is to do a Random Act of Kindness every month in 2015 with YOUR help.  In January, I am looking for sponsors for Chemo Comfort Bags…

chemo comfort bags

The $25 sponsorship will pay for the bag and I will use ALL of my commission to fill them with a variety of things including a blanket, notepad, pen, mints, candy, lotion, warm socks, chap stick and crossword puzzle book.  They will be donated to local cancer care centers.  My goal is 31 by the end of the month.  Yes, that is January 31st.  This way the bags will arrive in the beginning of February so that I can stuff them and deliver them to local centers around Valentine’s Day.

So, who is with me?  For $25 you can bring a smile to someone who is fighting the cancer battle.  This project is near and dear to my heart.  It is a tribute to my Weston angels – Edythe, Elsie and Pop-pop – who all had cancer.

You can sponsor a bag in memory of someone, in honor of someone or just anonymously. Payments can be made via check or through Paypal at hopesgiftcloset@@comcast.net.

Won’t you help to make a difference today?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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