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Reserved Especially for You

For many in direct sales, any month that starts with a “j” is considered bad.  Here are some of the misconceptions:

  • January – just after the holiday rush when all those BILLS start pouring in so no one wants to host a party.
  • June – a month filled with graduations, weddings and more celebrations so who has time to host a party.
  • July – VACATION!!  A direct sales party is the LAST thing that your friends are thinking about.

Cancellations are a regular occurrence during these months.  Do your hostesses doubt that you are able to pay your bills with this “purse thing”?  Do they think of it as JUST a night out with the girls so canceling is okay?

Mary has just booked a party with you.  When she books, she looks like this:

lady party

She is excited and ready to get LOTS of FREE products.

As the days go on, you do what you think is a pretty good job of hostess coaching her.  You have touched base with her a few times and everything seems to be on track.

A few days before the party, things get crazy for Mary. Lots of unexpected things happen and she went from being an excited party girl to stressed:


A day or two BEFORE the party you get a phone call (or text) from Mary to cancel the party.  Hopefully, you can get her to change to a catalog party BUT the truth is she probably doesn’t want to be bothered and won’t get any orders.  A party lost.

Now, we have an evening of no work, and no time to replace the party.  Now we look like “stressed” Mary because we know that our check will be short what we need to pay the bills.

Here is a GREAT idea on how to change that around….

Mary booked her party and a couple of days after confirming the date, she receives a pretty envelope in the mail. HAPPY MAIL from you, the consultant.  My customers and hostesses LOVE happy mail!

When she opens the envelope, she finds a piece of chocolate along with a card.  The card says “Reserved Especially For You“.

Inside handwritten with a nice coloured pen it says:

“Thank you for booking your party with me on 12th July, which I have reserved especially for you. I am looking forward to seeing you again and meeting your friends. I will arrive about half an hour before your guests so I can be set up and ready when they arrive.

I will be in touch a few days before your party to see how you are getting on, in the mean time don’t hesitate to call me anytime.“

Mary puts the card on the fridge.  About 14 days prior to the party, she gets more happy mail.  And the final piece of happy mail arrives about 7 days prior to the party.

Now, remember Mary’s life has gotten crazy and it seems like too much of a hassle to host a party so she considers cancelling. But the Reserved card is on the fridge and the words “I have reserved this date especially for you” keeps jumping out at her.

Mary doesn’t want to let you down, you were so helpful and friendly, and you have put that date aside for her afterall, so instead Mary sits on the phone for half an hour and gets some people together.

The evening of the party arrives, Mary and her friends have a great time. Mary is glad that she took some time out to relax PLUS she got heaps of free products.

What was the difference?  You hostess coached in both cases, right?  Could HAPPY MAIL make that much of a difference.  I am not saying the Reserved Card or postcard happy mail is going to totally STOP cancellations especially if illness or family emergencies crop up BUT they could make a difference.

The postcard system is courtesy of Melissa Fietsam and the Reserved Card is from Party Plan Blogs.  Yes, they take a few minutes to write and send but it is a form of contact that is not annoying (there are only so many times you can phone or text) and is a visual reminder to the hostess that you have put the date aside for her.

So, do you think this is an idea you might try!

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