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God Wants Me To Have

But godliness with contentment is great gain. 1 Timothy 6:6 NIV

This week has been a blessing.  Yes, I had a procedure on my eye.  Nothing major but definitely a stress factor.  Yes, I struggled with booking parties.  Yes, I struggled with reaching my monthly requirements as a Director.  Yes, there were bills to be paid.  Life was LIFE.  The truth is that I never felt more calm and at peace as I did this week.

What made this week different?  I truly “let go and let God” handle everything.  I have talked a good game in the past but the reality is that I have never really LET GO!  I always gave it to God and then took it back because I had FEAR, DOUBT and even thought that I could do it better.  The end result was that I was not being successful in my eyes anywhere.

For just a moment, picture this..riding through life with a shopping buggy, pointing at first one thing and then another whining, “I want…I need…God wants me to have.”  That could be me on any given day.  Whining for what I WANT and having myself convinced that God wanted me to have it.  Comparing myself to others and thinking that I NEED what they have or that I even want what they have.


How often have you justified your wants in the same progression.  We truly believe that God wants us to have IT when we really haven’t even had a conversation with him about IT.

God is very clear that He will supply us with everything we need and that can be a far cry from everything we want. I’ve often heard that contented person is not a person who has everything she wants, but a person who wants everything she already has.

I went back to basics this past week – in my life and in my business.  I did devotions in the morning. I don’t mean just breezing through them but really reflecting on what they meant.  I ended every night with a reading from a devotion book that was a gift from a friend.  I went to sleep being grateful for what I had instead of feeling frustrated at what I didn’t have.

I am striving to be gratefully content this year. It isn’t easy because my addictive personality tends to gravitate to the “I WANT IT” mode.  I am trusting that God will provide all that I need and it doesn’t always mean it is what I want.

Have you justified YOUR wants and needs by believing that God wants you to have it?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

#contentment #fear #believe #trust #addictivebehavior #letgo

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