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Living in the Moment

Are you living in the moment?  I know a Monday morning and I am asking right?  Are you thinking – where did the weekend go?  I never have enough time to get things done.  How am I going to squeeze all of this in this week?  Dreading heading back to work?

I have been there and on some days I am still there trying to answer those questions.  My weekend is usually on Monday and Tuesday when hubby is off but the questions are still the same.  When I worked full-time AND had my own business, I used to say “I am great at multi-tasking” but the truth was I was not living in the moment.  I was worried about what needed to get done or stressing over what hadn’t gotten done.  As a result, I missed what was happening AT THAT MOMENT!  I was physically at things but mentally not there.  I am sure that my daughter and family could attest to that fact.

In a counseling session this past week, we talked about that this exact thing.  When I jump backwards or forward and add “what if” into the scenario, I begin to start the slow decline into depression. I never realized how easy that slide was for me.  Okay, so you may not slide into depression but I am sure that stress and worry do become your friend (or enemy).

Here are two quotes that I came across over the weekend that I am going to print and hang on my wall as a reminder to stay in the moment:

Multi-tasking is the only thing that gets worse with practice. If you’re fully present, you’ll have all the time to do what you need to do. Dr. Deepak Chopra

You can say YES to this moment and experience a joy that cannot be put into words.  From pastor and best-selling author of Love Wins Rob Bell

As we start the last week of January, for those of us in direct sales this is crunch time.  This is when you begin to stress about whether or not you have reached your monthly goals.  Or has your team reached their goals.  This is when you begin to project how the lack of sales may or may not impact your life in the upcoming month.  I know, I am there right now.  I totally get it!

You become — not what you want — but what you believe.  Oprah

So, as I begin this Monday morning…. I BELIEVE that I will make my sales volume.  I BELIEVE that my team will make their sales.  I BELIEVE that I will fill my calendar in February.  I will NOT multi-task, I will do each thing on my list so that I can check it off.  When I start to lose focus and move out of the moment, I will STOP and re-focus.

So, who’s with me?  Who is ready to BELIEVE that they can stay in the moment?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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