Hope Wissel, Unclutter Your Life

Talk is Cheap

Are you good at what you do?  Do people compliment you on your skills?  What happens when a customer makes an unscheduled visit to your office?  Do they find a HOT MESS?  Are they going to remember how AWESOME you are or what your office looked like?

In other words: appearances matter.

Do you always meet deadlines?  Do you do everything that you tell your customers you will do?  Are you routinely late – just a few minutes every time you meet?

Customers notice (and judge you).

Do you want people to rely on you for your expertise?  It doesn’t matter if it is in your direct sales business or in your career, your customers WANT to rely on you.  They want to count on you as the expert and feel like you are in control when you are interacting together.  They want their perception of you to be TRUE.

What would your customers see if they could pull back a curtain and see how you handle your business?  Would they be impressed by your organization and your systems?  Would they be running for the hills because you don’t practice what you preach?  Would they want to be “just like you” or would they be looking for a new consultant?

I have to admit, on some days my office AND business are a “hot mess“.  Papers scattered everywhere, not sure what to do next and jumping 10 steps ahead instead of staying in the moment.

Talk is cheap.”  You need to walk the walk.  Okay, for those of us in direct sales it may seem like it doesn’t matter.  I mean how many times will our customers or hostesses see “behind the scenes”.  When was the last time one of them made an unexpected visit to your home, right?  The truth is to be your BEST YOU, you need to look and feel good.  I don’t know about you but I definitely don’t feel good when I am hunting for things in my office.  My confidence level wains when my office is a hot mess.

So, how many of you said “get organized” for a New Year’s Resolution?  Do you feel like you are any more organized now then you were at the end of last year?

It’s time for action.

Quit talking about how “busy” you are and actually get some important sh!t done?

Take action and make decisions with integrity in every area, professionally and personally?

Up your business game (not just improve your game-face)?

Are you ready for the challenge?  Are you ready to walk the walk and not just “TALK the TALK”? Share with us your next step..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

#unclutteryourlife #hotmess #organize


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