Hope Wissel

Need Help Eating Right

Back on track – AGAIN!  I remember the days when I measured and tracked every morsel I ate or even thought about eating.  I remember the days of being strong and walking away because is wasn’t point worthy.  I remember those days BUT I kind of relate them to child birth.  Okay, a strange analogy but think about it.  When you have a baby and are going through the pain of labor, you vow to NEVER do it again.  Then this cute baby comes out and the memory of the pain is gone.  The older that child gets, the further the memories get, right?

So, now think about dieting or should I say “healthy eating”.  When I started on my Weight Watcher’s journey, I was determined.  Nothing could get in my way.  No temptation was great enough to keep my for my goal weight.  I struggled.  Yes, it took me several years to reach goal but I did.  Then, the memories started to fade.  As I struggled to maintain, I started to sabotage myself.  I stopped tracking EVERY morsel.  I measured “most of the time”.  I didn’t say “NO” as much as I did before to sweets.  The results were a slide from goal weight to being up 10 pounds. For some, that isn’t a big deal BUT for me that was huge.  I am still in the size 12 pants – a little snug but I can still breathe.  I still get compliments on how much weight I have lost.  The truth is that I don’t feel “good” on the inside.

So, with the help of the NEW Weight Watcher Starter Kit, I am starting fresh.  It has only been a few days but I am measuring everything, The new plates have helped me to visualize exactly what I should be eating.  Shopping has become easier with my Thirty One Utility totes AND my Thermals

Post #9E  Post #12D

I LOVE that my Weight Watcher bento box fits perfectly in my Lunch Break Thermal lunch tote.  If I full my bento box with the right foods and ONLY eat those foods, I should be full.  If I am not, I am drinking more hot tea to hopefully fill me up.

I am blessed to have an AMAZING extended family – my 10AM Thursday Weight Watcher group.  Yes, it is a support group and I am proud to say that I am a member.  It with with their help and encouragement that I continue on this journey. As hubby says, I was at my best when I was going to the meetings and staying plugged in.  Sounds like an addict, huh?  Yup!  I have an addictive personality and if I didn’t, I probably would have never climbed to 290 pounds.

My best tip – successful weight loss is not a DIET, it is a journey.  It is changing your lifestyle so that you can LIVE healthier.  Do I think I know it all? NO!  Okay, well maybe the words “I got this” has escaped from my mouth on more than one occasion.  The truth is that I don’t have it.  I struggle every day.

So, what is your BEST tip for healthy eating? Share it with us

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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