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TGIF!!!  Another weekend and another attempt to find balance in our lives.  It can’t just be me right?

I found an article  on called “8 Things My Dad Taught Me about Entrepreneurship” but as always, I added my cometary.

1. Quit complaining.  How many times have we complained about “no bookings” “no recruits” or just business not being what we “thought” it would be?  Complaining solves absolutely nothing.  Believe it or not, this sets the tone for how things are going to go, opening the door for Negative Nellie and Doubtful Debbie.  Hit that “PAUSE” button when you hear a complaint coming out of your month and change it to something productive.

2. Appreciate what you have.   Are you content or do you appreciate what you have?  For a long time, I thought that these were the same.  When I say “I am content”, I actually get complacent and stop reaching for my goals.  When I appreciate what I have, I have gratitude but still am willing to strive to reach my goal.  Which are you?

3. Frame and control your message. Can you turn negative concerns into positive attributes almost magically?  If you can, chances are your hostess, party guests and customers LOVE you.  When I take the focus off of my needs (sales, bookings, recruits) and focus on someone else, I can change a negative into a positive.

4. Make time for those you love. Okay, so this is where the balance starts to come in.  It has taken some retraining of this workaholic but I am learning that there will always be time for work.  I often struggle with this thinking that if I can’t spend hours with someone then it isn’t worth it.  The truth is, quality time and not quantity time can be just as good.  The point is that you need to make the time!

5. Give more than you take. Yup, this one I have down pat.  I love to help everyone, often at the expense of my business. There, I said it.  The devil loves to create an internal battle for me though.  Am I giving it away which de-values what I do or is it truly a random act of kindness?  Finding the balance for me is tough and always has been.

6. Wake up early. Thankfully, I work better in the early AM.  The problem is that most of my customers are not up that early in the AM.  If you are a mom, you know all about this one.  These are probably the only quiet hours that you will have in a day.  I find that if I get things done in the morning, I have afternoons free to spend with family and friends.

7. Nurture close relationships. I don’t have a great number of friends but I have a few that have been around for a long time.  What about you, do you take your closest colleagues or best friends for granted? They require just as much attention and respect as your family. 

8. Watch your cholesterol and your mind. I would rephrase this to “maintain a healthy diet and stay active“. I have found that as a mom (or a business owner), we tend to take care of everyone else and seldom find time to take care of ourselves.  Not good for finding balance in our work and business life.  Take a 10 minute break during the day for a walk outside, or a power nap or just to clear your hear and gain new perspective.

What are your best tips for finding balance with work and your life?  Share them with us

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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