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Save a Little



Happy Monday!  

If you are in direct sales, this is the time of year that the buzz starts about National Conference or Annual Conventions/ Conference or Regional Seminars.  I know that I am already planning for Thirty One’s National Conference in Columbus in July.  PLUS, I will be attending a Director’s Retreat with my upline in April also in Columbus.

Are you wishing you could travel but not sure if you can afford it?  Are you trying to figure out how to juggle kids, work, vacation time and travel?  Are you wondering it if is really worth it?  Are you thinking, I am “only a consultant”, why should I go?  I have been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

The truth is attending any and if possible ALL company trainings or meetings is the key to success in your business.

Yes, you will get LOTS of information – sometimes it is overload.  YES, you will get a mini vacation from your “day” job and the kids.  Yes, you will walk away with AMAZING gifts.  Okay, we do at Thirty One and I am guessing that most direct sales companies show the love to their consultants.  But the best part is the opportunity to network with other women in the business.  I didn’t attend Thirty One’s conference my first year in 2011 and I have to admit, I regret it.  But I vowed that I wouldn’t miss an opportunity again to attend ANY company sponsored training and it if at all possible to attend retreats hosted by my up-line.

So, now that you decided to go, how to cover the costs of attending, right?  If you are starting with National Conference start saving NOW.  I actually started putting money aside last year AFTER conference.  Get an approximate cost on travel, hotel, registration and meals then divide it up by how many months you have left.  Now, how much is that per month?  Maybe it is $100 per month over the next 6 months that you need to save.  Impossible? NO!

What if you were to book 1 more party per month? What if you could get 2 more guests to each of your current parties?  What if you could increase your party sales by $10 per person?  I know, it sounds impossible, right?  The truth is – nothing is impossible if you set a goal and keep working towards it.

Some consultants start  a separate savings account just for this money.  I am going to date myself here but remember those old “Christmas Clubs” where you used to put so much per week away?  What if you broke the cost down per week and each week put that in a “secret spot”?  The goal is that attending these events should not put a strain on your bank account.

So, who is ready to attend National Conference?  What steps financially do you need to take to make sure that you will be there?  Share where YOUR National Conference is and when.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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