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Shake It Up

It’s Monday morning and I want to SHAKE it UP a little….

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 If you are like me, you have a list already of the things that you “should” do.  I should:

  • Make follow-up calls to customers
  • Call leads from vendor events
  • Step out and meet at least 5 new people to share my business
  • book at least 3 parties for the next 6 weeks
  • schedule working out at least 3 times this week
  • track my food daily

and the list goes on right with things that you really should get done this week.  Ask yourself, how much of this really will get done?  I know, you are optimistic and think that it all will.  I have been there.  Monday morning starts off on track and then by Tuesday morning, the “desire” wains and before long it is Friday and you are wondering what happened to the week.  You look back and realized that maybe 1 thing off your list is done.

Are the things on your list that you should do, the things you really want to do or are they the things that you are doing to please someone else or that someone told you would help grow your business?  Sounds weird, right? If they are on YOUR to do list, they should be the things that you want to get done.  Things that you excite or motivate you.  The truth is, when you say you should do something, more often than not, you’re doing it to please someone else or you really don’t want to do the “thing” you’re saying you should do. Your subconscious mind responds to this by keeping you stuck in procrastinating mode.  Does this should like you?

What if  you were to start the week off with a list of WANTS or any other word that excites and motivates you and urges you to go after the “thing” that you desire.  How about this:

  • I want to talk to at least 5 people per day about my business
  • I want to follow-up with at least 5 past hosts to work on filling my calendar
  • I want to refrain from putting anymore charges on my credit cards
  • I want to eat healthy this week.

Do you get the idea?  Over the next 7 days, see how many times you use that dreaded word “should” attached to an action.  Stop and think about it, is it really something you want to do.  If so, change the wording and see the profound change it will make in your life.  Simple things practiced until they become a habit will change your life.

I never thought about it but using the word SHOULD puts your desire on hold permanently. The world should doesn’t motivate, it discourages on a subconscious level.  Using the word WANT starts the journey for the how to achieve your desire. It motivates, inspires, and ignites your passion to take action for your desire.

So, I am going to change ONE WORD for one week and see how it works.  I am going to say “I should get some parties booked” to “I want to book parties for the next 6 weeks” and see what happens.  It seems so basic and so simple but what if it works.  Isn’t it worth the effort?

What is YOUR one “should” that you are going to change to a “want” this week?  Share it with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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