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A Facebook Retreat

When you think of a “retreat”, what do you envision?  Massages? Healthy food? Relaxing? Quiet time?  Now what if it was a Facebook Retreat?  Thinking it isn’t possible, right?  The truth is that I actually attended one last week – Authentically Audacious Virtual Retreat: Fall In Love With Your Biz…Again put together by the AMAZING Britt Bolnick from In Arms Coaching.

Was it all warm and fuzzy? NO!  Did she ask tough questions? YES!  Did she make me think? YES!  Do I feel energized? YES!  Am I ready to tackle the obstacles in my business? YES! All of the things that I didn’t think would be in a retreat.  She made me think about and dig deep.  Asking some of the “age old” questions but in a way that made me look at things differently.

I first met Britt at an ETTM Conference last October.  Her story touched my heart so whenever I get the chance, I am ready to soak up all she has to offer.  This past week, had me digging a little deeper, thinking about my business in ways that I had never thought of before.

If you are in direct sales (or any business), people are always asking you “What is your Why?”, right?  For some it is easy but for others it is hard to dig deep and really figure that out.  There are the answers of “financial freedom”, “girl time”, “to pay for kids school”, etc but what if you were to dig a little deeper.  These are the the two questions that Britt started us off with:

What do you want SO badly for your business or work that you’re NO LONGER willing to settle for NOT having it?

What would the ripple effect be OF you having it? How would it affect your life, relationships, even your health?

I LOVE the ripple effect because for someone like me who struggles with that emotional connection to their “why” seeing how it plays out in all areas of my life makes it easier to connect.  If you are feeling stuck and need that emotional connection, take time to answer these two questions honestly, from your heart.  What is the result for you?

Are you seeing the BIG picture? The one beyond the immediate goal/ need, to how this will effect your entire life or the lives of those around you.  Let me share with you my ripple:

Consistent sales would mean consistent income which would mean paying down personal credit card debt which would mean financial freedom and the ability to provide luxuries (like trips) for hubby and I. All of this would mean no stress and less worry for hubby.

It helps me to visual my vision.  To see myself along with hubby and my family enjoying the fruits of my labors.   This is what excites me.  Okay, I know that paying off a credit card should (and probably will) give me some excitement.  My vision needs to be tied to emotions to motivate me.  When my Thirty One NED Hope Shortt asked me to describe how it would feel to walk across the stage as a new Director to the waiting arms of my daughter and hubby – it made it real.  Every time I think of that night, I cry.  This is the emotion that I need now to keep my SPARKLE in my business.

I challenge you to do the ripple effect for your business and your why.  Share how it felt or if it helps you on your journey.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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