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Are You Phoning In

Happy Monday!!!!

Do you feel like working your business today?  Did the unbearably cold weather this past weekend have you wanting to stay home instead of heading out for your party?  You went but you weren’t really there.  Was your goal to make phone calls today and now you are distracted so you will do it tomorrow?  Does tomorrow never come?

phoning it in

I have been there and so have many others in direct sales.  It doesn’t just happen on Mondays, it can happen any day of the week.  Julie Ann Jones calls it “phoning it in”.  You know when you call in to your business but you don’t really work your business.

What if you take stock of what is really happening… is your to-do list a mile long, maybe you don’t have anything planned so you can’t focus (this is usually me), or maybe you are just feeling YUK today (you know when your self esteem is a little off) or maybe you really wanted to hang out with friends today but knew you “should” work.  So we make excuses, and have a million reasons why we aren’t getting the desired results.

So, how do you change it?  Here are some AWESOME suggestions courtesy of Julie Ann:

Check in with Yourself – see if something’s bothering you that you need to work through or deal with. Are you hungry? Having a bad day? Maybe you feel guilty because you’re working when you promised your kids you wouldn’t. Or you’re battling your gremlins (those little voices in your head that tell you lies about yourself and the world) about what you’re doing (you know, “Why are you even bothering calling her? She doesn’t want to talk to you! She hasn’t returned your call, so doesn’t that tell you anything?”).  The gremlins are the thing that usually get me.

Check in and see what’s really causing you to “phone it in”, and then deal with it. Take a break, have a sandwich, call a friend, put on some music.  Funny, taking a break is usually the last think that I do, maybe I need to switch things up.  What about you?  Do you take care of YOU first?

Get it Down on Paper – This is a great idea but I tend to have too many lists.  I shuffle papers and make notes then I am touching papers or emails 1000 times instead of just once.  I wish that once I put it on paper, I could let it go (yes, I started humming “Let It Go”) and focus more intently on what I’m currently working on.  I have to admit that I do feel like I accomplished ALOT when I write it on paper then get to cross it off with a highlighter that shows that I have done it.  What is your best tip for getting it down on paper?

Make Sure You Have Time to Do Your Best Work – This one seems like a no brainer but it’s not.  So don’t start a project if you don’t have time to finish it (or can’t stop at a logical place and come back to it later). This is where planning and having a schedule come in very handy.  I wonder if this applies to putting parties and/or sales in at the end of the month. You know the last hour of the last day of a sale or for your monthly goals or that certain incentive.

Ask Yourself if This is Something You Should Delegate – I know you are thinking, “I am a one woman show”, who am I supposed to delegate too, right?  You don’t have to have a huge staff but maybe it means enlisting the help of your hubby or kids.  So maybe the labels won’t be perfectly straight but they will be done and you can be free to work on something else. Is anyone really going to notice?  Maybe it is letting hubby do the dishes or clean.  Maybe it won’t be your way of doing things but it will be done and you won’t have to do it.  Think outside of the box when it comes to who could support you.

So, are you phoning it in today in your business? And what are you going to do do about it? I’d love to have you share below.

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