Hope Wissel

Purses, Purses and More Purses

I am by no means a “fashionista”.  I am not up on all of the new fashion trends.  I am a simple girl that loves her jeans and flip flops.   So imagine my surprise when I found myself watching the Oscar’s Red Carpet event on Sunday. I was looking at the dresses and checking out the jewelry and the adorable little clutch purses.   I was even more shocked to actually be able to have a conversation about the fashions when it came up in conversation.

I know, what does that have to do with purses, right?  Well, I never thought of myself as a purse girl either.  So everyone was surprised when I started selling Thirty One.  Then I found my fav bag – the Retro Metro.  I was obsessed, I have one in just about every print and some are even personalized.

retro metro bag


Then the Jewell by Thirty One collection was introduced.  Can I say, I had my doubts?  The box arrived on my doorstep and inside were the purses that would transform this “shabby chic” girl into a budding fashionista (or maybe just a want to be).  I am still a jeans girl but my purses NOW catch people’s eye.  The Mini Diamond District arrived…

mini diamond

Hubby said… “if guys carried purses, this is the one I would carry”.  WOW!  If that isn’t a glowing endorsement.  See hubby would never be caught out of his jeans and sneakers or even consider carrying my purse when I was doing something.  So this was HUGE!  When I asked him why this one, he said it is the color!  YUP! That is what got me too.  I am still a “pink” girl and there are some awesome PINK items in the Jewell collection but this one drew me in to the world of “real” purses.

Thirty One’s biggest sale of the year is happening NOW on purses – 15 of them to be exact.  Spend $35 and get a purse at 50% off.  That is a steal considering that you could actually get TWO items for less than the cost of one of these awesome purses.  Which is YOUR favorite?

Jewell comparisons

Are you a budding fashionista?  Do you like to get a good deal?  Check out my website by clicking HERE!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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