Hope Wissel

Happy No Brainer Day


Happy Friday!  Did you know that today is “No Brainer Day”?

Have you ever wanted a day dedicated to doing something that is simple, easy, obvious, and/or totally logical?  For me, that is almost everyday which is why I love what I do.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have days that I think, plan, and analyze but they are scheduled to keep life simple.  So, if you have a project that requires thinking, study, or analysis of any kind, today would NOT be the day to do it.

Having my own business, I love finding simple solutions for my customers using our amazing Thirty One products.  My office systems are simple and make things easy for me to stay on top of things.

Yes, it is one of those random holidays but here is the origin as posted on holiday insights

This day was created by Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ – per Insight Magazine – Washington, DC – August, 1995, and ‘The Premier Eventologist in the History of the World – per The Chicago Tribune – Chicago, Il – January 2001.

So today I will be at my part-time JOB.  Is it a “no-brainer”? As long as the customers don’t get crazy, then it will be simple and easy.  The systems are in place to make the job totally logical.  Tonight will be spent networking with some amazing women at a Ladies’ Night Out vendor event.  Plain and simple – maybe every day should be a no-brainer day.  What do you think?

What you will be doing on “No Brainer Day”?  Share with us how you will be spending your day.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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