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Missed Blessing

“Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.”     James 4:17 (NLT)

Has fear and procrastination caused you to miss a blessing?  Not sure, think about a great idea you got, you were excited but some where along the way you never followed through with it.

As I reflect today on this message, I think of the things that I never followed through on and wonder, did I miss a blessing?  Maybe you have been asked to take a risk?  Start your own business? Try rock climbing?  Go on a trip when you don’t know anyone going? Talk to a strange?  Perform a random act of kindness?  Did fear keep you from acting?  Or did you wait so long trying to figure it all out that you missed an opportunity?

Maybe you have missed out on experiencing something new.  Maybe God had a blessing for you and you missed it.

Jesus knew we would struggle with procrastination. He gave us Truths in His Word to combat it. But in today’s key verse we also see that not doing what we feel called to do is not only procrastination, but sin.

When God calls us to make a “risky” move for Him, we often worry and try to reason ourselves out of it. We might spend time looking at our obstacles rather than at God, which makes courage flee and fear paralyze us. In fact, when we wait for every life circumstance to be perfect before we step out in faith, the devil is happy to spend his time trying to bring us down and convince us to never move at all.

Procrastination may seem to come normal for us, but it is never God’s best for us. We don’t often think of it as sin, but anytime we don’t do what God called us to do, when He calls us to do it, it is sin. It’s easier said than done, but we mustn’t let fear outweigh faith.

So, will you have the courage to take a risk the next time an opportunity arises?  Will you trust and take that leap of faith?

Excerpts of today’s blog are courtesy of Encouragement for Today on Proverbs 31

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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