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Will a Mistake End Your Business

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is continually fearing that you’ll make one.” ~Elbert Hubbard

Have you ever felt STUCK?  Have you ever had a “less than perfect” party?  Maybe gotten home from a party and realized that forgot to tell the guests LOTS of things about your product, panicked and felt like a failure?How about having a guest rattle off more facts than you did about your products? Did you ever make the decision NOT to do home parties out of fear of failing or making a mistake?  If you are in direct sales, I can almost best that fear and self doubt has crept into your thinking at some point.  Admit it, I am not alone, right?

What do you do when this happens?  Do you retreat to the “safe zone”?  Do you start to wonder if you were cut out for direct sales?  OR did you deal with the fear, embarrassment, self doubt or whatever negative feeling head on?

I had my first home party in several months and I was ready. Outline – check.  Bags packed – check.  Guests – check.  Outcome – priceless (okay, I say that now but that is not what I was thinking as I drove home).

I did all of the right things – hostess coached, posted tempting product pictures on Facebook and arrived ready to WOW every guest.  Well, after two days of being snow bound with kids these wonderful ladies were ready for a “girl’s night out”.  As we gathered around the table, these ladies were not interested in what I had to say, they were more interested in talking, looking at the product, and calling out product to see.  As I collected orders and talked to each guest I tried hard to not feel like i had failed them.

As I totaled the orders from the party to tell the hostess about her benefits, I was pleasantly surprised.  Over $500 in orders, two tentative dates for home parties AND a potential recruit.  Everyone said they had a good time and would see me again soon.

Driving home, I called hubby as I always do and said “not exactly like I planned but good”.  My main goal for each home party is to leave with more bookings. and a potential recruit is the cherry on top!  So, despite what some may consider a mistake ridden party – it was a success.

In the past, I would have spent the entire next day rehashing all that I “shoulda”, “coulda” or “woulda” done differently but I read a blog yesterday by Tiny Buddha that changed my perspective.  It helped me to see failures (real or perceived) and mistakes differently:

1. View mistakes as learning experiences and stepping-stones to get where you want to go.

We all make mistakes when we are learning. It’s the forward motion that’s important, no matter how small.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others. 

We often have unrealistic expectations of ourselves and compare ourselves to those with much greater expertise when we are just beginning. Even the experts made mistakes when they were learning.

3. Mistakes are seldom fatal.

You will live. It’s important to learn to admit that we are human, we make mistakes, and we learn from them. Mistakes are about learning, not about shame.

4. It takes guts to get up wherever you may fall, brush yourself off, and to try again. 

If the direction you are going is true to your heart, you simply need to keep honing your skills.

So, who is ready to learn from their “mistake” or “failure”, move on and ROCK their business?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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