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Small Steps


WOHOO!  Are you doing the happy dance?  I am because I have THREE parties to close this weekend.  I love when I reach my personal goals by the 15th of the month.

I love this quote from Benjamin Franklin

“don’t put off until tomorrow tomorrow what you can do today”

We are almost half way through the first quarter of 2015.  Can you believe it?  We had a taste of Spring this past week which motivates me.  What about you?  This is a great time to review your “New Year Resolutions” or the goals you have set for the year.  A touch of spring fever may definitely help to get us back on the right track.

Did you set BIG goals for this year?  Did you lose your momentum as the snow piled up outside your window?  The truth is that BIG dreams are usually full of fear – fear of failure, fear of judgement, or fear of (fill in the blank).  As a result, we will use any reason (or excuse) to leave our goals behind and stay in the safe zone.  Good things come to those who work hard for what they want, and if you keep putting off taking that next step into making your dreams a possibility then I’m here as a friendly reminder to quit wasting time.

Are you waiting until you FEEL ready?  WRONG!  If you wait for that, your window of opportunity may close.  I mean truthfully, how often do we feel totally prepared to do something?  Stepping out of our comfort zone is how we grow and move forward.  Instead of grabbing onto fear, why not encourage yourself to grab a hold of the lessons that this step has for you.  I have found that sharing my fear with someone helps to put it in perspective.  Share it with someone who can encourage you to keep going even when you are fearful.

Did you set a BIG goal and it seems out of your reach?  Take small steps.  I remember starting  my weight loss journey.  I wanted to lose 100+ pounds which seemed almost impossible.  With a lot of help and encouragement, I broke that down into small goals of 1  pound per week.  Yes, it would take me a LONG time and with each 10 pound milestone, I celebrated until I reached my goal.  Maybe yours is to have more sales or more parties per month.  Take some small steps every day to reach your goal and you will be surprised at the results at the end of the week or month.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Do you think you NEED a lot of things to get started on your journey?  Do you need an office?  Do you need organization systems? Do you need a fancy planner?  The reality is that we often confuse what we want with what we need and as a result talk ourselves out of taking the first step. If I waited to have all of the things that I think I need before working my business, I wouldn’t have a business.  Why not use what you already have and start small.  Isn’t it better to start small then not start at all?

Thank you Jennypur for reminding me how important the small steps are in reaching my goals.

What are you going to do today to take that small step towards your goal?  Share it with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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