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The Facebook AHA Moment


Do you spend hours on Facebook?  Are you trying to build your business on Facebook?  Do you feel like you NEVER talk to anyone anymore unless it is through Facebook?  When you are done looking at FB, do you feel less than in you life or your business?

I have had ANOTHER AHA. Over the last 10 days, I have been posting to try and interact with my downline.  Things had been kind of quiet on our Team FB page.  Nothing major, just a question daily to get them to interact and know each other a little better.  My goal was to be able to CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD them with customized happy mail.  After reviewing all of the participants, I came up with some conclusions:

  • Not EVERYONE is on Facebook. Or should I say, not everyone checks FB daily.
  • Some team members prefer texts to Facebook.
  • I miss talking to people!
  • Facebook is a black hole that feeds Negative Nelly or Doubtful Debbie by causing us to play the comparison game.

I shared my “ahas” with hubby who just laughed because he is NOT on any social media.  He said “is that why you get stressed after being on FB?”  He said “You are successful!  You are a good leader!  You rock your business! BUT there are days when you enter the FB black hole that all the doubts start to trickle in”.  I asked him why he didn’t say anything before and his response “would you have listened?”.  The truth is, I probably wouldn’t.

I actually had a great conversation via text with one of my girls this week.  I found out that she is praying for God’s guidance as she considers leadership.  WOW!  She is never on Facebook but always responded (eventually) to my texts or emails.  Another eye opener for me because she was definitely not on my radar.

So, what am I going to do different… I am going to connect with my team where they are.    Okay, this should have been a no brainer, right?  Many of us get sucked into the Facebook culture to believe that it is necessary (and important to our business) to post all of the time.  The truth is it may not be the BEST way to build relationships with our customers, hostesses, our current team or any potential customers, hosts or recruits.  Don’t get me wrong for some it works, for me… I get lost in the social media world and forget that there are other forms of communication.

It is time to pick up the phone and TALK to people.  Now with warmer weather, it is time to go out and meet NEW people.  It is time to text and email THEN be patient for people to respond.

Do you know the best way to communicate in YOUR business with the people that are key to your success?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



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