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Recruiting Tip

LIT 2015

With just 30 days left to earn more stars for the Thirty One Leadership Incentive Trip, I have been focused on two area – increasing personal sales AND recruiting.  That being said, I had to find a new way to share the Thirty One opportunity.

So, I started planting seeds from the first moment that I met the potential hostess.  In the hostess packet is information about the Thirty One opportunity.  I mention it when we are talking prior to the party and listen for the cues that may help me see if they would be interested in exploring the possibilities.  Then about a week before the party, I send her a “Flip Your Party” flyer.

flip your party

Of course, there are recruiting seeds in my party presentation.  The most popular game lately si when guests are given 3 minutes to ask me anything they want about my business.  No holds barred which can make for some interesting questions.  As I check out each of the guests, I talk to them about hosting a party and if they hesitate, I usually ask “if your hostess was to join my team, would you be willing to help her kick off her business by hosting a party?”.  In 95% of the cases, they are willing to help their friend.

The day after the party, I send the hostess an email that goes like this:

Good Morning …

I just wanted to update you on your party stats:

You currently have $XXX in party sales which will give you the following things:
          $XX in Free Product
          1 of ANYTHING in the catalog for FREE (or 1 half price item)
          1 Hostess Exclusive
          Up to 3 Your Way Cubes with lids (any size) for $10 each (Hostess Special)

If you were to join my team…. we could FLIP your party at a cost of the $99 enrollment kit and you would earn:
          $400 in products
          PLUS: $XX in FREE product
          1 of ANYTHING in the catalog for FREE (or 1 half price item)
          1 Hostess Exclusive
          Up to 3 Your Way Cubes with lids (any size for $10 each) (Hostess Special)
          PLUS $XX commission which is almost the full amount of your enrollment kit
          PLUS you’d be 1/2 way to the first Start Swell – a$160 in FREE product.

Did I mention that XX of your friends are interested in having a party? You would get their parties which would help you earn even more FREE products and get a commission check. Don’t worry, you would get ME too! I would be there to help you every step of the way.

I know you are wondering – did it work?  YES!  One of my regular hostesses signed up with the understanding that she will only do a party or two per month.  Yet, she already has TWO parties on the books for May.  The second potential recruit is discussing things with her hubby.  Their decision is more based on how it will affect their taxes then whether or not she wants to join my team.  Will I use this with every hostess?  FEAR says NO but the truth is probably only 50% of them will grab the best deal in the catalog.

Thank you to Melissa Fietsam and her team for the “flip your party” flyer. Feel free to try it and let us know how it works.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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