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Make the Most of Your Tax Refund

Only 4 days till the dreaded Tax deadline.  Have you already thought about how you will spend your return money?

tax refund

What if I told you that you could spend $99 and have a business that would help you earn  an income all year long?

Let me show you all the things going on right now at Thirty One and why NOW is the best time to join! The NEW Spring Summer catalog is AMAZING.  Plus we launched the new Jewell by Thirty-One, AND the JK by Thirty-One jewelry line… there is SO much more that will make your experience as a new Thirty-One consultant AMAZING!

Take a peek below to see all the great things you need to know about becoming a Thirty-One Consultant in April!

#1 The Enrollment kit awaits! You get over $400 in product (plus all the order forms, catalogs, and more to get started) for just $99.


And now we have even MORE exciting news to share! The launch of the brand new jewelry line, JK by Thirty-One is LIVE!


#2 Host your launch party and enter $600 in April, you’re also going to earn your 1st Start Swell! You get to choose ONE kit when you submit $600 in your first 30 days. Which one do YOU want?! And in your first 4 months, you have a chance to earn FOUR of these kits!



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#3 Ask a friend to join you on your journey.  If they join you in your first 4 months, and they they qualify within their Start Swell period, you earn $100 BONUS!  There is no limit!!!!


#4 The April customer special = a GREAT start for you!


This was just announced which makes April even more exciting.


#5  The BEST part is that when you enter that $600  launch party in April, you’re going to earn $150 in cold hard cash!! WOOHOO for starting the new year out with a new ADVENTURE, a new YOU, and a new Thirty-One BUSINESS!


Did I mention that you get ME too.  I am here to help you on your journey.  Let me know if you have an questions about joining Thirty-One. I LOVE to answer questions.

Here is how you can reach me:


Facebook:  Hope’s Thirty One Gift Closet


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