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What do you think of when you think of someone who is brave?  Do you have visions of our military across the world who support our freedom?  Do you think of those fighting terminal illnesses?  Do you think of those who seem to never get a break and are always struggling?  Do you think of YOURSELF?

dreams scary

Would you consider yourself brave?  Have you overcome a fear and now feel confident with a purpose and fulfillment in your life?  If you so, guess what YOU are BRAVE!!

Ultimately being brave comes from a place of courage and self discovery.  So if you are wondering how you can become BRAVE in your business or in your personal life, here are some things that might help you on this journey:

Be Honest With Yourself About Your Big Dreams:   Do you have a BIG dream?  Do you have goals that seem so scary and out of reach that you are afraid to say them out loud?  Do you hide them from others because they may think they are silly or unattainable?

Did you know that once we speak them, we’re making space for the possibility that we might fail. Yes, I said might fail.  It is a 50/50 shot but that is OKAY!  By having the courage to be honest with ourselves about what it is we really want to do and achieve, we allow ourselves to explore whether it’s possible and what the next steps forward are for us to take.  If you have a big dream or goal that you’ve been keeping quiet and tucked away because you’re afraid you’re not good enough, that it’s not possible, or that there just isn’t enough hours in the day to make it happen, try saying it out loud and exploring realistically how you can start working towards it.

Take Small Steps:  Don’t just focus on the BIG dream, work on small pieces that will help you reach that dream.  Let the BIG dream be your motivation to keep moving forward as you take small steps forward.  Focus on quality over quantity.  If you are in direct sales, focus on the basics of book, sell and recruit.  Be consistent with your hostess coaching and with your follow-up.  Be consistent each week with your efforts.  Set small obtainable goals – CELEBRATE as you reach each milestone. REWARD yourself for your accomplishments, big or small.  Each small step gets you a little closer to your bigger goal and your ultimate dream.

Commit To A Bigger Project: When you start to feel a little uninspired, or like you’ve hit a wall and you’re aching for a new challenge – challenge yourself.  Team up with a friend or colleague or challenge your team.  Whether it’s stepping out of your comfort zone, a new party format, a booking blitz, moving to a new area, picking up the phone, a vendor event or accepting a challenge, taking a leap into a brand new adventure is enough to scare even the boldest of us. Being brave and taking that leap is a great way to really feel fulfilled and take a leap towards you BIG DREAM!

My challenge for you this week is to be brave. Even with the possibility of failure, judgement, and criticism, let this be the week we choose courage and reaching for your our DREAM.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!




2 thoughts on “Are You BRAVE”

    1. I still battle the FEAR of saying them aloud because if I do fail, what will people think? Slowly kicking those thoughts to the curb and embracing BE BRAVE!

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